Tuesday 20 July 2010

Have a safe journey, Makena!

A funny thing happened: One of my Unicef kids has already found a new home, but not through the shop. One of my VTT blogging friends, Keetha in USA, wanted to adopt Makena! Yesterday I made another trip to Villa Cooper and paid Makena's adoption fee, and today she started her long journey across the big ocean. Here she is sitting on the post office desk while I was filling in the papers for her emigration.

Raggedy Ann told her all about the trip. She knows, because she and Andy have travelled the other way, from Ohio to Finland. Ann felt a little sad after saying goodbye to Makena for the second time.

But today means the beginning of a fun project for Raggedy Ann and her friends. Kaaren at the Painted Quilt is hosting a free BOM called Raggedy & Friends, and today I downloaded the instructions of Block 1. Ann and Andy are posing here for the stitchery, but I will be using Kaaren's drawing!

When I was taking that picture of my dolls on the sofa I suddenly remembered that I have not shown you Melanie's Summer cushion cover. I had the cushion as a Christmas present from her, with four panels to change for every season. This summer has been such a big building and renovation project that it wasn't until after Midsummer  when we started taking furniture back to our living room. The cool greens and blue flowers help me cope with the heat!

The heat is taking all my energy so there are no crafty pictures this time. Today there are some grey clouds on the sky, so I'm hoping for some rain and lower temperatures.


  1. Lucky Makena to find a new home already. Kaaren's BOM is going to be just perfect for you. Now Ann and Andy can have their own quilt. Beautiful cushion cover--I do love blues and greens.

  2. Ann and Andy look like they are they are dancing! How sweet!

  3. The Raggedy Ann and Andy that I used as my models are fashioned after the likeness of your dolls, Ulla. They are two of the nicest traditional Ann and Andy that I've seen. Lucky you!

    Bon voyage, Makena. I hope you have a safe trip to your new home.

  4. Makena is going to love living with Keetha! She is one of the happiest of gals - she'll give Makena a wonderful home! I'm so glad you're doing Kaaren's BOM - I thought of you first when I saw it! Melanie's summer pillow is wonderful...I hope you have a little cool-down now!

  5. Wonderful, wonderful Makena. She looks so cute!!
    Good luck with your new projeckts..
    Still waiting for some heat, realy ;-))

  6. Ulla your dolls are fantastic, so precious and I hope it's cooling down for you now. The heat makes me incapable of anything.

  7. Wonderful that Makena has found her forever home Ulla. She is a lovely doll for such a good cause.

    Glad you like the pillow. :-)


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