Tuesday 13 July 2010

Quilt finish, summer trip and garden report

This morning I took some pictures outdoors, before the heat made it too hot to enjoy the no longer fresh air. At 9 o'clock the temperature is already 28 C (83 F), and it is expected to rise up to 32 C  (90 F) later today. It is 60 degrees C or 140 F more than what we had in January for a period of time, but in the Winter we always had a pleasant temperature indoors. Now it is hot everywhere, all the time.

I finished the Between Charming Friends quilt  for the quilt along on Sunday. Here it is , washed but not ironed.

The tiny 1" squares were much smaller than what I usually sew, and I was getting desperate with my seam allowances, promising myself never again to get involved with such things. But guess what? I had such amounts of leftover 1½" squares that I just couldn't put them in the wastebin, and so I have started sewing them together for a special little project.

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. DS1 and his girlfriend took us in their car to Turku, where we met DD for lunch in a nice summer restaurant. We had a lovely lunch with a cold buffet, and fried whitefish as main course. Naturally I didn't come to think of making pictures of the place or the food. While the others were taking heavy bags of books to DD's apartment and her bags to the car, I took a picture of the market place with an old tramcar used as an ice cream booth. Elderly ladies don't need to walk to places if their legs are hurting.

We had Italian ice cream in the city after the lunch, here are our portions after everyone had already tasted some. (The heat really makes my brain work slowly!)  Clockwise from the top: Mr. K's chocolate and After Eight, DD's raspberry  sherbet and lemon sherbet, my chocolate and lemon sherbet, DS1's pistachio and vanilla, and GF's melon sherbet and lemon sherbet. Very delicious and refreshing!

Back at home in the evening it was time to water the vegetables. We have one tomato coming. The tomato plants suffered from plant lice and the cold in June, but seem to like the high temperatures.

The radishes have suddenly grown and are getting woody, so we must eat them quickly. The new row is coming along fast and I have already thinned it. The peas are climbing up the trellis and there are flowers promising a harvest later in the Summer. Lettuce is growing well, too.

DD is staying here for a little Summer holiday, so I'll be having some girly time with her instead of blogging. We have plans of dressmaking and I'm going to ask her to consult me as a hairdresser for some Unicef dolls, so I hope there will be a crafty post next time.


  1. Hi Ulla..
    Your quilt looks so nice when it is washed but not ironed, like an old quilt.. And the quilting is great too. You are so lucky to have real warm weather, we are freezing at 20 degreas C. I miss that realy hot weather, it must be thoose temps to be realy good summer. i guess we are stucked in the middle of some "lavtrykk".
    Enjoy your daughters stay and have fun. I am starting my summer hollyday today and I will be off work for ower 4 weeks, yohoo!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Your quilts are very pretty. Enjoy the time with your daughter and have fun hairdressing! Wishing you cooler days ahead.

  3. What a beautiful quilt! I love the colors. Happy Anniversary!! How wonderful to share with family.

  4. Happy Anniversary Ulla. I've just got in. The ice creams sound wonderful. I am a lemon sorbet fan.

    Yes I can imagine everything growing fast in such temperatures.

    Your Between Charming Friends quilt came out really well. Love the colours you used.

  5. A lovely post, am enjoying the summery photos. Your flowers are pretty. It is wintertime here in Queensland, Australia, but it is not that cold - 20degrees C today.

  6. Your quilt turned out wonderful! Love the fabrics you used. I am in the process of quilting mine, so maybe it will be done this weekend!

  7. Happy Anniversary Ulla!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Your quilt is beautiful! You did a wonderful job (even with those tiny one inch pieces LOL)! Thanks so much for sewing with us! It's been a pleasure!

  8. Belated Happy Anniversary :o)
    Those ice cream cups are looking so yummy!!! Your quilt looks beautiful... couldn't have thought that the squares were that tiny.
    Enjoy your holiday :)

  9. Hi Ulla!!

    First off~ your BCF quilt is stunning!! LOVE the colours!! Happy anniversary!! What a lovely day you had! I could almost taste that ice cream!! ;o) Delish!!
    Have some wonderful girlie time with you DD!! Take care!

  10. Don't you wish you could harness some of that heat and save it for winter? We are in the high 90's today and trying to stay cool and calm! Happy belated anniversary to you and Mr. K! What a lovely day you had!

  11. Your quilt is wonderful Ulla! Great colors. I hope I can share mine too soon. It was a fun quilt to make, wasn't it?

    Belated happy anniversary!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  12. Really love your choice of colours, wonderful !
    Hugs from France.

  13. Happy Anniversary!

    Do you iron your quilts? The quilt is lovely...such sweet and soft colors.


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