Friday 15 October 2010

First snow

The weather has changed. This picture was taken on October 1st, a sunny autumn day at its best.

This was the same tree this morning - no, it had not fallen on its side but blogger and I can't seem to find a way to show this one like it should be, - I only wanted to show that all the golden and red leaves are on the ground, covered with the first snow.

Last night I was waiting for the train just after 8 o'clock when the rain started to get colder and thicker. By the time the train arrived, my shoulders and cap were covered in slush. Ten minutes later, at my own station, it was already snowing, and the snow flakes got bigger and bigger. It lasted maybe 15 minutes only, but the night was cold and so the snow stayed on the ground until morning for the photos.

But it was still cold, and at noon our apples in the trees were still wearing white caps. 

The trees were full of waxwings looking for food. Here I caught one picking on an apple (in the top right quarter). They fly in flocks and can empty a rowan tree of its berries in no time.

Here is an older picture of this colourful bird with a crest.

We put our bird feeder back just this week, when we could be sure all the migrating birds had left the country and only the winterhardy species remained. Tits, magpies and jays have already found it, and it is fun to watch them through the kitchen window. It is time to take out the warmer coats and scarves and boots. The garden table and chairs have been put in storage, and the snow showels taken out. I believe the snow will be gone next week, but there is no going back to lighter clothing and sitting outdoors. There is all the raking to be done once the snow has gone and the weather is dry for a couple of days.


  1. Oh my goodness...snow already. We're having a cold and rainy day. Usually no snow before Thanksgiving. They saying here is...if we have snow before Thanksgiving then we'll have a green Christmas.

  2. I do hope we don't get snow for a while - as much as I do like the stuff. It is getting colder though.
    Do you compost your raked leaves or are you allowed to burn them?

  3. OUCH!! Too early for snow!! The pics are gorgeous though!! Stay warm!

  4. Oh, say it isn't so!!!

    Even I, who LOVE snow, am not quite ready for it YET!

  5. WOW I can't believe you have snow already! Here we're in the midst of a fall heat wave but we have had our first rain!

  6. Oh, it is snowing already?! Your pictures are beautiful! It is great that you get to enjoy the birds from the kitchen window in the winter months. Stay warm!

  7. Oh wow snow so soon. Well done for being prepared with your bird feeder.

    More pink footed geese are arriving here 32,000 and 72 Whooper swans thanks to the winds.

    I hope you didn't get too cold waiting for the train.


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