Sunday 3 October 2010

Stash use report for September

Suddenly September is gone, and I have hardly finished anything to get my stash grow smaller. Merely 85 cm of fabric has been transformed into something. This was the "big" project:

These are the true colours, the photo taken on the front door steps in September sun. There was much waste when I cut the printed parts only for the table runner, and I used some bits with no print on to get the size I wanted.

I have also used some scraps to finish a secret project, the pictures will be shown here later. This was naturally not all I have used for sewing, but I will only count the fabrics when the project is finished. My Raggedy & Friends quilt will still take months!

Happy news is that I have not bought any fabric in September. The total amount of used fabric is now 62.05 m in 2010, and I still have bought only 19.80 m. This means that the stash has been reduced by 42.25 m by now. I think I have reason to be proud of myself! Why is the stash not getting any smaller then? Well, I visited my mother yesterday, and it was a very nice visit. She didn't give me any fabrics, if that is what you thought. No, but there were two large plastic bags in her entrance hall, with my name on them. My little sister T had left them for me, filled with her old curtains and other fabrics. Thank you, T! I had to be sensible and pick only the cottons to keep. The rest is on the way to a charity shop together with all the children's raincoats and other things no longer needed in this household. You can see now that no matter how much I sew,  I still have mountains of fabrics to select from.

To finish I want to share with you one last rose I saw at the station this week. The picture of our garden colours refused to appear the right way, and I don't like trees growing from left to right, so you'll get the rose instead.


  1. What a pefectly pretty tablerunner. It's very special since you made the fabric yourself. You always amaze me with the projects you make from fabrics on hand. I fear I bought more than I used if I were to keep track!

  2. Now I see that the gray is brown. I think it turned out beautifully. Too bad about the waste but I'm sure you can find uses for it unless they are just too small to use.
    It was nice of your sister to remember you in her recycling.

  3. Wonderful tabelrunner Ulla...
    You are so good with using fabrics and not buying fabrics, I am impressed!
    I cannot report to be that good, but I have used a lot of fabrics but sorry to say a lot buyings too..
    Take care Ulla!

  4. Bewundernswert wie du deine Stoffe aufbrauchst ohne neue zu kaufen. Das zeugt von starkem Willen! Ich nehme mir auch immer vor, hart zu bleiben und jeglichen Stoffkäufen zu widerstehen bis meine Vorräte etwas schwinden. Aber es gelingt leider nicht immer. Dein Tablerunner ist ganz toll geworden. Eine wunderbare Farbkombination und so passend für den Herbst.
    Liebe Herbstgrüsse,

  5. Well done Ulla on not buying fabrics and for the lovely leaf sun printed runner. It looks very pretty and seasonal. I've raided my stash of blues to do a pieced back for my latest quilt. It's not bad- meant to remind me of water.


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