Saturday, 26 March 2011

The party goes on

Would you like to have some tea or coffee? The fun part of getting old goes on, as some presents arrived this week. First I'll show you Stephanie's loveliness, as it was on the way across the Atlantic for more than a month.

A beautiful Dresden plate (she is really good at them!) in vintage fabrics, and yarn for some soft and lovely socks. The colour is called Thyme. I think I'll try to grow some thyme in my vegetable garden this summer. I'm addicted to knitting at the moment. Here is a closer look at the Dresden plate and its feedsack fabrics and other beauties:

Thank you, Stephanie!
The other parcel came from Candace, with a link to Stephanie. The bag is Stephanie's Loft Tote pattern; Candace is one of her Supreme pattern testers. It is a nice, roomy bag for all my things I carry when I go to town. Candace also sent some chocolate (to be shared with Mr. K.) and four fat quarters of Moda fabrics, and a tiny bird for a zipper or just so.

Closer look at the fabrics:

Thank you, Candace! Everyone knows I'm trying to get rid of my fabrics, and now I have several new, lovely fabrics to play with. The best part of this is, that I didn't BUY them, so they will only be counted when I use them some day!

The tulips from last week are gone now, but my special sewing group  friends brought me a beautiful white orchid which will bloom for months. It will also keep reminding me of the special wall hanging project I should be working on for PN.

The weather is changing ten times a day, typical for the coming of spring. One minute we have beautiful sunshine, and the next time I looked out of the window, this is what I saw:

A gale with snow and hail for two hours, and after that sun again. The temperature keeps below zero so there is not much melting going on. The bullfinches don't come for group lunch any more, they come in pairs. A finch, could be the same we saw in early February, came today again. Normally finches migrate and we get to see the first of their species in early April, when they have the colourful feather dress and are ready to sing. The Mr. Pheasant arrived also this weekend, widening his territory. Mr. K. bought a third 25 kg sack of sunflower seeds for this feeding season; we can't stop feeding our little friends before the weather has warmed up and there is food available for them in the nature.


  1. What wonderful gifts. My daughter-in-law, who does not keep plants alive, is very happy to have a white orchid just like yours - and she's had it for months now. It's still blooming. I hope yours last a long time too.

  2. Extended birthdays are fun. I really do love the Loft Tote Candace made. How fun to have some new fabrics to play with too, especially while you're still having all that snow. Stay warm.

  3. Ohhh you lucky girl!! The Dresden is amazing and the bag is very sweet Ulla. I hope you are safe back home and sewing away ..
    I will leave for Madeira tonight and I will not be back before the 5th of April.. I will catch up then, take care and have fun!

  4. What lovely presents! I'm glad Stephanie's arrived- a whole month! That has to be a record!

    So sorry to see that Spring is having to battle Winter for a foothold. You feeding the birds is probably what is keeping them going in the cold and deep snow.

  5. How fun to have the party continue, Ulla! Stephanie's Dresden is beautiful and from the looks of your weather, you're probably really happy you have more yarn to knit warm socks! I'm so glad you enjoyed your goodies!

  6. Hallo Ulla, wenn du schon so nett fragst, dann hätte ich gerne eine Tasse Tee. Danke! Jetzt schaue ich mir deine nachträglich eingetroffenen Geschenke an! So schön, wenn man verwöhnt wird. Hätte ich deine Postadresse gehabt, wäre auch etwas aus der Schweiz eingetrudelt :-) ! Die Dresdnerplate ist sehr hübsch. Dieses Muster habe ich noch nie gemacht....hätte wohl auch Mühe mit dem Applizieren auf den Stoff. Ich habe jetzt das Füttern der Vögel aufgeben können, es ist richtig Frühling hier (mit ab und zu noch kalten Nächten).
    Liebe Grüsse

  7. You can never have too many fabrics, Ulla !

  8. Such beautiful gifts for you!
    The orchid is such a lovely flower!
    I hope the spring will soon melt away your snow!

  9. A belated Happy Birthday to you! Your weather does not look very amusing at all, but your gifts look wonderful! The fabrics in the dresden plate and the bag are so fresh and spring-like, perhaps you should hang them beside the windows instead of looking out at your weather?????


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