Thursday, 17 March 2011

Surrounded by snow

You might think that spring is almost there, but it certainly is not here. We had some new snow last Friday

and the weather has been so cold that the white new top layer still is there making the snowbanks look fresh and clean.

Last weekend we cleaned the birdhouses for new nest builders, and the tits have already started looking at the houses again, and singing their little songs.

I have been working on some secret projects I can't show before next week, and enjoying my new book I was allowed to open as soon as it arrived. The sweet Melanie had come across this book when she was looking for something else, and she knew I would love it. And I do. I think this is the finest, loveliest, most interesting book I have had in ages, maybe ever. And the most inspiring one too. I think it is wonderful that someone knows you so well that she can choose you a gift better than you would  yourself. Thank you, Melanie!

I'm half way through machine quilting the 9-patch quilt, but for some reason I have no pictures of the backing I had such trouble with. I will show it when the quilting is done. I made the binding for this in class tonight.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I go to Järvenpää for errands and grocery shopping, and I usually have a moment of my own time in the cafe at the shopping centre. I like the view to the florist's shop, always changing with the seasons and special days.

At this time of the year we need colourful flowers in the house, because the gardens are still covered in snow for weeks, and after the snow is gone it takes some time before the greenness wins the battle against night frost and the autumn's dead leaves and grass.

I'm going on a little holiday during the weekend, just a short trip to an old little town Porvoo. I try to make some nice pictures there, but the weather forecast tells there will be snow again on Saturday. Maybe I just need to concentrate on staying on my feet on the icy pavements. Maybe I'll need a walking frame now.


  1. Our spring is a little ahead of yours - - - but here in Central Wisconsin, our snow is just now really melting.

    No green shoots.

    No swollen tree buds.

    Lakes are still frozen over - - - though getting mushy.

    The rivers are running.

  2. I love your quilt, both the pattern and the colors you chose.

  3. Happy BD-trip lill'old Sis...
    Big old

  4. Sorry for your snow! It's time for green things!!! I really like your 9-patch. Someone is having a special birthday very soon.

  5. Hi Ulla..
    Ohhh your nine patch quilt is so beautiful and I love the shashing..
    I wish you a wonderful weekend and I hope you will have a nice trip..
    We have some new snow last night too and everything is nice and clean white..
    I will on the road for Oslo this weekend and I hope to see some family and friends!

  6. It might be a good idea to use the walking frame on the ice for any one of any age. It hurts to fall. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope the snow starts to melt as a gift... but you have the songs of the tits. That's a wonderful thing!

  7. I hope you have a lovely birthday trip, Ulla! Gosh - I was hoping it had begun to warm up there - one can never tell what Mother Nature is about to do! What a gorgeous book from Melanie - I can see how you must like it! Your 9-patch is beautiful - looks very warm and cozy!

  8. Oh dear, Ulla, still so much snow! And what a lovely book Melanie got you! I had never heard of it.
    Your 9-patch quilt is turning out beautifully!
    I hope you didn't get too much snow on Saturday and that you had a lovely trip!

  9. Toll, du hast dein 9patch Quilt schon fertig. Er ist sehr schön geworden. Ich suche immer noch passende Farben für die Fortsetzung meines ninepatch Quilts ;-) !!
    Uebrigens, mir gefällt auch der Quilt in deinem Header!!!
    Liebe Grüsse,

  10. Your 9 Patch is looking lovely. We are getting blossom here finally and some blue skies. I hope it is the start of Spring. I have birthday flowers in the house from the children. Will share. Glad you liked the book. :-)


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