Sunday, 3 July 2011

Stash use report for June

Welcome to hear about my month with fabrics. Take some rhubarb upside down cake with your coffee:

Or maybe I can bribe you with some wild strawberries? The aroma is way better than in the big strawberries from the garden or strawberry field.

You have heard of my favourite fabric shop closing, and selling their stock with 30 % and 40 % off., and how I started buying fabrics for backings and bags and unknown purposes. Well, in June the prices went irresistible:

Sewing notions -50 % and all fabrics -70 %. With the cake and the strawberries I offered you, can you blame me for this:

or this?

I may have not photographed all new fabrics but I did measure them, and  25.4 m new fabrics bought with money came home with me in June. (This is my clever way of not counting the fabrics I have been given, as they are not new and I didn't ask for them.) It is a lot, but I really can't see why on earth I should need to buy any new fabrics this whole year.

On the stash reducing side, I have not been quite idle. I used 3 m for the children's pillowcases, about 1.2 m for my Antique Mary Jane bag (as you see, all fabrics used count, old and new!), 1.5 m for some clothespin aprons and Kaaren's block, and finished the crumble quilt which took 3.4 m off my shoulders, as I already counted the crumble blocks last month. The fabrics used in June total 9,1 m. That is not bad after all, I think, only leaves me with 16,3 m more fabric than I had at the beginning of the month. Ouch!  I sincerely hope everyone else carrying the Use your Stash badge has done better than I have!

The weather has been hot again, and we are expecting a refreshing thunder and rain before we melt away. Not much energy for sewing as the sewing machine is in the hottest room of the house. I have been stripping paint instead, trying to get all the black paint off a little cupboard before I will paint it white and fill it with my sewing things which without warning have taken over the high table I was supposed to keep empty for cutting my fabrics.


  1. Hello Ulla!
    I love the rhubarb cake. Upside down is always my favorite. And I think any fabric that can be purchased inexpensively and used for "good" is a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well you certainly not pass up such wonderful discounts on new fabrics. Your cake looks delicious. I have a cardamom coffee cake in the oven just now--waiting to be eaten with fresh berries. How wonderful you'll have a pretty little cabinet to help get your organized. I hope you share it when it's done.

  3. In many ways it is great that you have spoiled yourself with some new fabric Ulla.. You are also very good to use from your stasch too so do not think bad about your buyings ;-)
    I have also bought some but not too much !! Some for my Tiny Town Project and 3 other pieces ..
    Take care Ulla!

  4. Unfortunately my rhubarbs have been depleted. There are just a few scrawny stalks left. I hope I get some more before the summer is over. Lucky you to have fresh-picked wild strawberries. I'm sure they taste better than store bought ones. I guess you have to get busy to use up your new fabrics.

  5. Nope, I can't blaim you for upgrading your stash!
    How I would have liked to have a piece of that cake with you. Looks so good (:

  6. Yummy cake - and with those strawberries - who needs anything else (well, except maybe a few ripe tomatoes - soon)! You wouldn't be a quilter if you passed up those incredible sale prices! Perfect "excuse" to add to your stash! I've brought very little in, and actually used some, so I guess I'm about even this month, Ulla! Can't wait to see your litte cabinet!

  7. I too shopped at the closing of our LQS just couldn't resist. Now to just live long enough to make a big dent in them. YOur cake sounds delish and the strawberies are yummy!! Have a beautiful day. HUgs, Marie

  8. Ich habe mir gerade ein Stück des herrlichen Rhabarberkuchens genommen :-) !
    Du hast natürlich ganz richtig gehandelt und die Stoffaktion ausgenützt!! Wann kommt Frau schon so günstig zu neuem Arbeitsmaterial. Habe gestern einen Newsletter bekommen, dass auch ein Stoffladen schliesst und alle Stoffe seeeehr günstig verkauft. Er ist zwar nicht in meiner Umgebung, aber....auf dem Weg in die Berge fahren wir fast neben dem Shop vorbei ;-) ! Ich denke, da muss ich doch einen kleinen Umweg machen und mal...schauen!
    Herzliche Sommergrüsse

  9. Don't feel bad Ulla -- I haven't bought any new fabric this year, but I also haven't depleted my stash one bit. I've got the badge up though, just in case I do use up some of my stash!

  10. Hia Ulla, yes you can bribe me with rhubarb upside down cake and coffee any time to turn a blind eye to your fabric shopping. LOL I think you got some lovely ones at such a great price. Using 9m was really good too especially for the Summer when you just want to sit and watch things grow from a shady seat.

    Well done and happy stripping! :-)


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