Saturday 25 June 2011

Mary Jane, the antique version

The unofficial European Bag Lady Club is launching today their newest bag. This time we have made the Modern Mary Jane bag by Loft Creations. Simone won the pattern in Stephanie's giveaway (you can see three version in this link!), and Stephanie was so generous that she sent the pattern as a gift to Melanie and me so we could all make this nice and useful bag as a "Bag of the Month". Simone already made one version using the kit she won, but today we'll see her second Modern Mary Jane.

I decided to use an old, stained tablecloth with torn hemstich and a hole.

This is my Antique Mary Jane:

I used the best part of the tablecloth for the panel, and cut the remaining embroideries for the squares around it, adding some colours of the stitcheries for fun. Inside I added a zippered pocket:

I remembered I had a vintage button from Stephanie, and the size and colour were just perfect for the bag.

This is the backside. I had some old linen for the back panel and the handles.

Finally a closer look at the front. Many of the embroideries are worn from use and washing, so this has been a well-loved tablecloth. I'm happy to give it a new life.

Thank you Stephanie, this was a nice and easy pattern. I like roomy bags with something special, just like this one. Now everyone, pop in to see what Simone and Melanie have put together!

A while ago Stephanie told a sad story about an empty robin's nest in her garden, so I thought I could cheer you up with these pictures. We have three couples of pied flycatchers (ficedula hypoleuca) in our birdhouses, and they are all busy feeding their young babies.

I just read that the babies eat about 15,000 insects during their 16 days in the nest, so we should be really grateful for the mama and papa birds. Above is the mama bringing a mouthful to the babies, and below  the papa looking for new prey.

Have a nice Midsummer!


  1. That is utterly gorgeous Ulla. Well done. I'm about to blog mine. :-) Great bird photos- I think you have a lot of patience.

  2. What a terrific Mary Jane. I really love your use and placement of the tablecloth pattern. 15,000 insects? No wonder those babies grow so fast. So glad you nest is happy and active.

  3. I LOVE your vintage Mary Jane bag! What a very good idea, to use the table cloth. And you made a pocket inside. I think I really need to learn that with a zipper.
    Such sweet bird pictures. I am always impressed by how hard birds work to grow up their babies!
    Happy Midsummer to you!

  4. Your bag is stunning, Ulla! Your worn and very loved tablecloth has gotten a whole new life! Maybe the flycatchers will keep the mosquitos away?

  5. Your "vintage" tablecloth seems really up to date. The colors and shapes look really modern. Everything old is new again. I love that it is embroidered, too. So sheek.
    Love your birds, too. I've never tried for a bird picture.

  6. You are very clever Ulla and the bags is awesome !!!
    I have been with my mom a lot lately so I am a bit behind in blogland ;-)

  7. Your bag is great! And I totally agree with the delight one gets from recycling old, loved items into something useful which can go on being used and enjoyed! I think you've done such a great job, you'd never guess it was an old tablecloth if you hadn'y told us.

    16,000 insects is an awful lot- I hope they don't get indigestion!

  8. What a cute little bag. I'm glad that you were able to give new life to an old tablecloth.

  9. Schön ist sie geworden, deine Mary Jane Tasche. Sie hat einen ganz modernen touch mit all den bunten Farben. I like it!


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