Saturday 11 June 2011

Lazy days

Writing a new blog post takes longer when you don't have anything to show. The weather has been hot, +27 C  and more (80 F), far too hot for me. The plants need water. Yesterday we were sure there was going to be a thunder but all we got was a few drops of water and some rumbling sounds. I have not sewn anything worth showing. It is too hot, and I need a new cutting mat.  I have been getting to know my new  toy:

I had some birthday money and decided it was time to give Mr. K his lovely little pocket camera back and get my own. This big camera is not so easy to carry along, but on the other hand, I always have big shoulderbags, so I'll just leave out the umbrella and the book if I want to take the camera with me. I'm only learning, and I have not yet read through the 195 pages of the manual. Uploading the next pictures on blogger I noticed the huge size of them, about 2.4 Mt compared to the first one, 83.9 kt. I need to find out how I can take smaller pictures!

At the beginning of the summer I like to use the new harvest, when the green things start to grow again. Nature is ready to give us organic food which is rich in vitamin C and iron, nettles:

I wear rubber gloves and use scissors when I cut the top three pairs of leaves of the nettles growing at the edge of the woods. This loosely filled bucketful was enough to make three meals. I rinsed them in cold water and blanced them for a minute or two, and pureed them. I mixed one third with potatoes and cream to make a soup, and the rest  of the nettles went in the freezer. They can be used like spinach, and taste almost the same.

I wanted the bigger camera so I could take better pictures of the birds without disturbing them. This blackbird father was struggling with a big worm he was going to take to his babies, and he didn't notice me at al because I could sit on the verandah while he was down on the lawn.

You can click on the picture to see the details. If your don't like his kind of food, click on my soup plate instead.
Now it's time to drink some cold water before I melt. I promise to sew something for the next post!


  1. Congratulations on your new toy! It does take time learning about new gadgets but the results are worth it. I remember hearing first about nettles from the Disney movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Perhaps you can hook up to an iced tea IV to keep cool? We had been 90+ F but fortunately have cooled off somewhat.

  2. Good luck getting to know your new Camera...the images are excellent. I hope all is well with you x

  3. Love your new camera and nice pictures. Thanks for visiting my new abode and Yes I am looking forward to many happy hours in that cheerful room Ray just finished hanging my trinkets and I love it more. HUgs, Marie

  4. Gorgeous photos. Have fun with your new camera. My daughter has a digital Canon Rebel. She went out and bought a close-up lens and the photos are wonderful. Apparently, Toronto did experience hot weather with high humidity but I missed it. I'm glad I did since I tend to melt and stay indoors with the air conditioning.

  5. Gosh - for once you have hot weather and we don't, Ulla! We are in the 3rd coldest and wettest spring on record! I have never heard of eating nettles - only being stung by them over and over - especially when we stomp through the woods for a good fishing spot! The soup looks delicious! And Mr. Blackbird is having a good meal, too! Have fun with your new camera!

  6. Schön, wenn man eine neue Kamera sein eigen nennen darf. Aber, dass es immer so ausführliche (und manchmal auch komplizierte) manuals dazu gibt, finde ich weniger toll (auf Seite 101 habe ich vergessen was auf Seite 49 stand :-) !!). Learning by doing oder sich die Kamera erklären lassen...das ist es was ich mag :-) ! Dein Vogelbild ist ein super Schnappschuss! Du hast mich gerade auf eine Idee gebracht mit der Brennesselsuppe. Auf der Grenze zum Nachbar hat es eine Staude, die ich bewusst stehen lasse für die Schmetterlingsraupen. Von dort werde ich mir jetzt ein paar Blätter holen und sie mit den restlichen Kartoffeln von gestern zu einer Suppe verarbeiten. Danke für die Anregung!
    Schöne Pfingsttage im warmen Finnland!
    Herzliche Grüsse,

  7. Jippi I am allowed to comment on your blogg today!!!
    Congrats on your new camera.. I guess we will see a lot of nice bird photos on your blogg as well as youe sewing projects..

  8. Such a fun new toy with lovely results already!
    The soup you made makes me hungry, even though I had a good dinner!
    Hope you will soon get some rain. It's incredible, that it is warmer with you than in Spain!

  9. Just stopped by to say hello Ulla! It's been a long time. The soup looks delicious! Hope you are doing well (and surviving the heat)!

  10. Congrats on the new camera. I use photoshop to make the photos smaller. "File, automate, fit image, 1000 x 1000"

    I know the feeling about photos at the moment. I've made things I can't share yet.

    OO nettles- that reminds me of the story about the princess who weaves her swan brothers nettle shirts to break the spell.

    Sorry this is late. I've had my head down finishing the top secrets. :-)

  11. I bet you will have fun playing with your new camera.
    Your nettle soup looks delicious! Just right for our cool winter weather. It has warmed up 20 degC today.


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