Wednesday 1 June 2011

Stash use report for May

This has been a productive month after all. I have used lots of fabrics (5.3 m in May) from my stash to make the QAYG blocks I have already shown in my last post, but I wanted to use the too short bits as well, and started making crumble blocks to clear the sewing table. I tried to use colour themes for the blocks:

I even used tiny triangles to make squares to start a block:

Sometimes there were no matching fabrics long enough for the last 6½" side, so I pieced them too:

At the end of the project I noticed I was trying to make log cabin blocks with no system at all.

Finally I had my blocks, packed the remaining scraps in the plastic bag and looked under my desk: No bits wider than 1" in the waste!

I estimate the blocks used up about 1.5 m fabric. Hip hurrah! The Raggedy  Friends Quilt took about 3.7 m; I have been working on it since last July, but not counted the fabrics until now that it is finished.

I used 2.7 m for a jacket and lining, and 0.9 m for a slip, and gave away 0.7 m fabric for the Bag Club ladies, which is also counted as using my stash. This means that 14.8 m of fabrics have stopped being in my stash! On the other hand, I have only bought 2.2 m new fabrics, balancing very well the ugly results of April. Now I can feel relaxed and think about the fabric store selling all fabrics for 40 % off, as there is not much time left.

I waited for the apple trees to look like whipped cream again to take a lovely picture, but before I could really see the blossoms, white petals were blowing in the wind! I hope it was warm enough for the bees to fly so there will be apples in September.

In October Mr. K and I planted some Phlox Subulata on the slope facing the street.

They survived the Winter very well and are blooming now!

The narcissi are blooming for the first time in their new place, last year they just made buds.

Today is the first day of Summer, and at my time it meant the beginning of a three month summer vacation. Have a happy Summer, holiday or not!


  1. Great way to use your scraps, Ulla!
    And wow, using 5,3 m from your stash. Perfect.
    So many beautiful flowers in your garden.
    A Happy Summer to you!

  2. I would love to have a "sit and sew" with you. I'd get a lot done! Love your crumble blocks and your Raggedy quilt is cute as can be. Whipped Cream apple blossoms...tasty description.

  3. great stash busting Raggedy Quilt is so much fun.
    sprinf flowers and fruit trees blooming. Winter here but no snow not ever in Sydney but we do get frost sometimes.
    Enjoy the summer and fabric shopping.

  4. A great way to use up all those scraps, well done! Love the crumble blocks.
    It's the start of winter here, the nights are cooler too - we've even had the fire (woodburner) on!

  5. Happy Summer, Ulla! Great stash report - and what you did with all that stash if very productive! Raggedy quilt is just adorable! Your apple tree is actually ahead of ours here - we have too much rain! The phlox is beautiful, too!

  6. Big congratulations Ulla! It is an excellent result especially considering you were using up so many tiny pieces in the scrappy blocks. I know when I used up the bitty batik bits from Pond House in a couple of cup mats that they took longer than big blocks to create.

    Yes you must reward yourself with some 40% off fabric. :-)

    Your apple blossom is so pretty. Happy Summer!

  7. Auch bei mir ist der Stoffverbrauch im Mai relativ "grosszügig" gewesen, aber vorallem weil ich für die fertig gemachten tops eine Rückseite brauchte ;-) ! So gegen 5m sind es bestimmt gewesen. Aber diesen Monat habe ich auch zugeschlagen und mehrere yards (oops 14 !) in USA gekauft, da die Stoffe ebenfalls um 35% reduziert ware (und der US $ im Moment für uns recht gut ist). Also bin ich für den Winter mit Stoffen eingedeckt :-) !
    Deine bunter (unifarben?) Quilt gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Liebe Grüsse,

  8. Beautiful crumb blocks up close, and thanks for the little tute in making them.


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