Thursday, 23 June 2011

Crumble block quilt top, and tomato news

The big peonies are opening their flowers in our garden, just for Midsummer.

This week I took my pile of crumble blocks and added white sashings with black cornerstones (from stash, naturally) to make the quilt look less wild. This will go to Australia for Oz Comfort Quilts. Jan is working all the time to make quilts from donated tops or QAYG blocks and sending the finished quilts to places where they are most needed: flood victims in Queensland, earthquake survivors in Christchurch, New Zealand, abused kids or homeless people. Read this post on her blog Oz Comfort Quilts.

These pillowcases - fabrics I couldn't resist for 70 % off the price in the fabric shop now closed down forever - will find their way to kids through Jan as well. Can you imagine, she has sent 396 quilts this year alone! Naturally, she has "sub-contractors" all over the world, but joining the QAYG blocks or making quilts from donated quilt tops is a huge effort. In her spare time (!!) she knits scarves and beanies to keep those people warm as it is winter now down there. If you feel like you could join in and help, you find more information on Jan's blog. If you don't feel like sewing or knitting but still think you want to help her with the postage fees, there is now a donate button on her blog, and on the other blog as well: Sew Many Quilts, Too Little Time.

The beginning of the summer here has not been as warm as the end of spring in May. However, our tomatoes are doing fine, they have grown higher and there are first signs of tiny buds to be seen. How are your tomatoes, Candace? On Sunday I sowed radishes in front of the tomatoes, and this morning there was a green row to be seen already! Melanie, these were left over from last year.

On my way home the other day I saw the first wild strawberries by the roadside. The ones in our yard are not quite ready yet, but I think we can celebrate Midsummer with a handful of them.


  1. I find the white sashing and black cornerstones quite striking against the bright blocks. We've had so much heat and humidity as well as rain lately that my tomatoes are very happy.

  2. What an amazing quilt you made, Ulla! You have found a great balance in it.
    Wonderful, all those charity projects you have been working on.
    The tomato plants look very healthy! And how cute, those radishes coming up too!
    Have a lovely afternoon!

  3. Stunning quilt top Ulla. The sashing and corner stones really unites it. It is so generous of you to give this to such a good cause.

    Perfect pillowcase fabrics. So so kind of you.

    Great looking tomato plants. I have some green tomatoes on my one. The lettuce is ready.

  4. What a gorgeous quilt. The crumb quilt title doesn't do it justice. Apparently, you can bake radishes and they come out tasting sweet - just like onions get when cooked.

  5. Ulla, your quilt is STUNNING!!! I just love it!! Well have inspired me to make one!! That list just keeps getting longer and longer!

  6. Love your crumb blocks quilt, so much variety and interest. Jan will be very pleased to receive it for one of her various needy projects.
    It's good to help out, putting something back into the world seems to make oneself feel happy as well.

  7. I love your crumbles, Ulla. The way you set them is inspired. Love the black and white.
    Your peony is so beautiful... I can smell it from here. We had them when I was a kid... I remember that rich scent. Thanks for the memory!

  8. Wonderful quilt, Ullla - very striking and pretty! Someone will really cherish this! Your tomatoes are doing really well! I neglected to show ours on my post today, but they are doing quite well, too, lots of buds but no tomatoes just yet!

  9. Wonderful charity quilt Ulla..
    You have a sweet heart ;-))


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