Thursday 16 February 2012


This week I was supposed to clean my cutting table so I could start a new project from a clean desk so to say. Instead of cleaning the table like any sensible quilter would do (in 5 minutes, because they are not me), I just took one of the fabric piles there and found a Project in Progress. Oh how nice, Stephanie challenged everyone to finish their PIPS this year! I hurried to find the other pile of fabrics that belonged together with pile number one, to start finishing my PIPS. I found ready cut squares in three sizes, some lonely blocks, long strips of fabric and a large piece of white flannelet. I arranged the big squares first and made this Nine-Patch:

I cut some more of the middle sized squares and they turned into this:

The smallest squares became this:

There were some leftover blocks as well, with pale yellow centres. I used the remaining purple squares and added green borders to make my fourth preemie quilt.

The last one is a tiny quilt for a tiny preemie or a stillborn baby, with super soft bamboo knit backing:

When I get my Angel Pods finished I will take all these to the local Maternity ward to be given to the families and their babies. Five PIPS finished in two days! The table is still suffering from restricted access, but at least I put the baby fabrics away where they belong.


  1. Very sweet quilts to bring comfort to little ones and their families.

  2. You have put your time to much better use than cleaning up your table, I'd say. I looked into the Angle pods, and will make some later. It's a heartwarming and heartbraking idea at the same time.

  3. Impressive.
    Well, I guess you can better work on Angel Pods and bring comfort, than spending to much time on cleaning your desk.
    Great distraction ;o)

  4. Great work, Ulla! The babies and mothers will be so pleased to have such lovely, cuddly blankets!

  5. Great way to clean the cutting table. Less fabric and wonderful giving.

  6. delightful and much more rewarding for everyone than simply cleaning the table and putting everything away. they will be warmly appreciated.

  7. Die Babystoffe sind allerliebst. In welcher Grösse machst du die Preemiequilts?
    Liebe Grüsse, Barbara

  8. More of your beautiful quilts Ulla. Thanks for sharing.
    hugs, Jan Mac


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