Saturday 25 February 2012


This week we have had heaps of new snow, but also the first thawing days. When the snow is wet, you can build a snowman. It's been about 20 years since I last made a snowman, so I made just a little one. I didn't have any coal for the eyes and mouth, so I used old leaves. He has twigs for arms, you just can't see them too well because there are dark trees in the background. He is standing on the lid of our composter to have a good look over the yard. By the way, when I was shovelling my path there I saw something big and dark move between the trees, about 30 metres from me. It was an elk! They live a very quiet life in the forest and I have never seen one here before. Too bad it was gone by the time I got my camera, so all I can show is the snowman.


I had an unexpected problem with the snowman in my Block 2 of Scandinavian Christmas. Today I was cutting the churn dash block pieces to finish this BOM and thought I could trim the stitchery to size as well. Finished size should be 15½" x 12½", the fabric was cut bigger to make the stitching easier. Arrgh!!! Look at this:

I had cut all four background fabrics at the same time, two horizontal ones and two vertical. When I started working on this one, I just tested that I could place the pattern on it. Well, it would have been even more OK for the next block. Here I should have used one of the 16½" x 13½" pieces instead of the 16½" x 10½". Luckily there was some of the original linen left so I can start all over again. I will use this block to something else. So Ladies of the group, Block 2 will be finished later than by the end of February!


  1. SEW dang cute!! This one is on my Bucket list!!Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Love your snowman. How fun, to have built one after 20 years (o: Luckily the snowman was able to take a long look at the elk. Happy with your snowman picture too!
    How very frustrating, with the size of the block. But, it will make a lovely small project! Luckily.
    Good luck with the second try!
    Have a nice winter weekend. We are slowly starting to get Spring temperatures.

  3. Oh Ulla,so sorry to hear.Hope you
    find a good solution rather than do it once more(mailing you with 2 suggestions).I`m way behind on my block 2,end of March I hope.Love your real snowman up there.Nice to see,most of our snow has melted due to a lovely sunshine:-) Good Luck!

  4. It's been more than 20 years since I built a snowman. Yours is fun. A elk cool.
    Think about a solution other than doing another snowman block. If you can live with that then it is a nice piece on it's own.

  5. Sorry you have to do your adorable block over again but it's good you can save it for another little something. I haven't built a snowman in many years. The elk was a special surprise even if it was gone in a flash.

  6. how interesting to see an elk very close, maybe your snowman appealed to him and he came close to see it?

  7. Sorry that you have to redo it. Personally I think I would just "prolong" it with the background.
    It looks very nice

  8. How I would have loved to be there to see the surprise on the elk's face when he encountered your wonderful snowman, Ulla! He was also most likely as surprised to see you as you were to see him! Your "practice" block is lovely - perhaps it would make the front of a winter pillow!

  9. Snowman building is so much fun. I like your improvisational features. We never got our intended snow storm so we won't be seeing any snowmen here now. I'm glad you're optimistic about block. I would have added fabric instead of starting all over again. It's a lovely block.

  10. Your snow man is fun! And it must have been amazing to see the elk- its always humbling to see wild animals wander past everyday places I think, I never got tired of it in Africa and even here with smaller animals I think its lovely to see them.
    I LOVE your stitching! I'm sorry its too small and has to be re-done but its just soooo gorgeous!

  11. This snow man is beautiful and funny. Its give cool and calm feelings. Also its background fabrics is too fantastic.


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