Monday 14 May 2012

Secrets revealed and wonders of the nature

It has been a long time since my last post, due to Internet problems. Things are getting better now and I hope to catch up my blog reading soon.
This is what I have been working on in secret:

In February I heard through Simone about the Stained Quilt Along hosted by Sarah at Narcoleptic in a Cupboard. After seeing Simone's blue and grey fabrics I thought my son's shirts would make a lovely stained glass quilt to match the Business Class quilt I made for his birthday.

His long-time girlfriend has her birthday this week and I had a chance to give this to her yesterday

They had invited us and her parents for a very delicious Mother's Day lunch at their home. The quilting is in the ditch as I didn't want to disturb the "glass".  -  I couldn't resist borrowing DD's stained glass angel for the last picture. There is no border in this quilt, just a narrow binding in the same grey as the sashings. Sarah's pattern was for a crib size quilt and I wanted to make a lap size, so I added a row at the bottom and to one size. I forgot to measure the finished quilt but it should be around 55.5" x 66.5".

Marimekko has taken old prints into production again. This one is "Helsinki - Helsingfors" by Per-Olof Nyström from 1952, the year of the Helsinki Olympics. I don't remember this print from my childhood, but my mother used to have summer dresses and skirts in this style. I found this piece of fabric in the local Marimekko shop and used it for a shopping bag for my sister Maija in Germany.

And now some spring feelings. Wood Anemone is one of the first wild spring flowers, usually popping up for Mother's Day.

My daffodils like their new place and are blooming right now. This is their second spring in this spot.

The green finches were courting over lunch. He on the right is showing his nice yellow wing feathers.

Mr. Pheasant has four lovely ladies, here he is watching over two of them having lunch. He is wearing his spring feathers, with brighter colours and much red in the face.

I almost forgot to update my Scandinavian Christmas. Here is Block 4 all finished:

And here it is added to the other three. I'm slowly starting work on the border of hearts and snowflakes. If you want to see a finished Scandinavian Christmas, pop over to Melanie. She is being a star pupil!

This is all for today, I hope to come back soon with new finishes.


  1. Wow, Ulla, you have been very busy! Love your stained quilt. The young woman who got it, must have been thrilled!
    Love the bag. Perfect retro. The flowers and birds in your garden are so pretty. Spring is really there for you!
    Well done on your SC!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures, lovely quilt and love the SC.

  3. I'm glad you're finally connected again, Ulla - I missed you! The quilt is stunning! What a wonderful present to give! How nice to see your yard finally in bloom and the birds back, too! Scandinavian Christmas is so gorgeous, too!

  4. Hallo Ulla, schön zu sehen, dass bei euch auch richtig Frühling ist....und du warst wieder so fleissig! PC Probleme sind lästig, denn man gewöhnt sich an das tägliche "online-Sein" und möchte es nicht missen (so ergeht es mir!). Der blaue "Blei-Fenster-Quilt" ist sehr schön. Ich mag so klare, moderne Formen.
    Und du denkst bereits an Weihnachten, well done, in knapp 7 Monaten ist es ja wieder soweit :-) !
    Liebe Grüsse, Barbara

  5. Oh wow that stained glass quilt is special! Lovely work Ulla.

    Congrats on finishing SC4. Beautiful work-womanship.

    The bag will be so appreciated by your sister- an ideal shopper size.

    It is good to see that Spring is with you. Mr Pheasant wears a lot of my fav colour combinations.


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