Thursday, 31 May 2012

SC 5 and some PIPS finishes

Today is the day which meant end of school and the beginning of three whole months of Summer holidays when I went to school. My first Summer holiday started with my first wristwatch and measles.

Wagtails have returned from the South, marching busily on our lawn and catching insects.

I set myself a goal to finish the Scandinavian Christmas top by the end of May, and so I did. The hearts for the outer border were easy to applique.

The top grew so much bigger with the borders! I will use the greyish brown linen of the inner border for the binding too.

Yesterday I visited my big sister P, and now I can show you what I have been making for her new cabin. First, a tea cosy with the same fabric as in the old big tea cosy from our childhood summer place. I have the original one, and mother had given me the leftover square to make a potholder or something. It was not very big, so I used black cotton for the other side. I hope my sister will remember all the lovely summer outdoors afternoon coffees from back home when she uses this.

Her new basic apron used to be her own kitchen curtain. I made one apron to be a "staff uniform" for the Villa Cooper shop earlier this year using this same fabric,

and here is another of her fabrics I used for an apron then. P asked for covers for guest pillows used on a sofa when not needed for sleeping. Both have a hidden zipper at the back.

That was about everything from the sewing front.  All these have been waiting in my PIPS box for my mood to change so I can get them done. It feels good to see the project bags disappear from the box! I have been knitting baby things for the hospital in the evenings but there is not much to show yet.

Our apple trees are in full bloom now. This was a few days ago, now the petals are falling from the tree in front, but the bigger tree is still getting whiter. I could use the apples again, as last year there were hardly any apples. The weather is not warm now, but I have seen bees around the trees so let's hope for a good harvest. A moderate harvest, please.


  1. Congratulations on your Pip progress. I've been slacking. Your Scandinavian Christmas quilt is the sweetest thing. I love the heart border with the couple of churn dashes. Your sister is lucky to be able to call in her craft order. :o) I love that tea cozy fabric. Wishing you warmth and an abundance of apples.

  2. Wow, the top turned out so pretty and such secure work!
    Lucky sister P! Lovely projects.
    Our blossoms have long been gone now. Hope we get the plums again this year!

  3. That's funny, our apple harvest last year was poor too but this time it was a good one, so here's hoping for you too.
    Love your vintage fabrics, your sister will be very happy with those resurrected memories.
    The 'not robot' words this time are quite different again, i hope they're not about to make them even more difficult.

  4. Your SC is stunning!! Thanks for the inspiration to get mine started!! Your sister is going to be thrilled with her wonderful and VERY thoughtful gifts!! Truly made from the heart!!

  5. She is thrilled and happy as she is not very good at making things herself... She is good at buying new fabrics and planning things to do when the right time comes. Unfortunately the right time never comes. Wonderful to have a sister who is willing to hide all your quilty conscience batches in her house where they eventuallt turn into something wonderful...
    THANKS says sister P

  6. Great work on SC Big big congratulations. This design isn't for the faint hearted. Thank you so much for hosting the sew along. I wouldn't have made it without the group.

    Those are such pretty things for your sister as well as being very practical.

  7. Hi Ulla ;-))
    Lots of lovely finished at your place .. Your Scandinavian Christmas quilt top are awesome and the tea cosy for your sister is super cute !
    The flowers on the appeltree looks very beautiful Ulla, have more fun !!

  8. Lovely spring pictures... I absolutely heart your Chrismas quilt. It's so sweet. Almost makes one want to start celebrating Christmas right away, not?. Well almost. Lets just have a little more spring first :)

  9. Deine Schwester darf sich glücklich schätzen...du machst ihr liebevolle Geschenke mit all den kleinen Zeichen der Erinnerungen an frühere Zeiten. Der Quilt mit den Herzen ist ganz toll. Irgendetwas mit Herzen werde ich nächstens auch mal nähen (applizieren mit der Maschine!).
    Herzliche Grüsse Barbara

  10. Love the wagtail!!!
    Tea cosies and aprons - favorites of mine - love yours!

  11. Your Scandinavian Christmas is stunning, Ulla! Will you quilt it yourself? I love the linen you've used, too! What lovely and memory-filled gifts for your sister's cabin! She will be very happy to receive them! I can only dream of having apple trees so lush and beautiful! I'm sure your kitchen will smell divine this fall with all the baking!

  12. Such a lovely full post,Ulla:-)
    Congrats on a nice looking top of the SC,and lucky sister P. Love the little bird,I saw my first one from the side this year as well: supposed to bring happiness not to see the black colour in the front!

  13. Your Sc really looks nice. So do all the other things you have made. I like the shape of your teacosy

  14. I do like your Scandinavian Christmas quilt. Will you be hand quilting it?


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