Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Knitting and ranting

Almost two weeks have passed and I don't have much craftiness to show. I have been knitting these tiny preemie baby beanies in the evenings. This is my last ball of baby yarn, and I think it will make four little hats as there is over 240 m yarn in the 50 g ball. I almost fainted when I heard the price: 6.75 €, but then I remembered that I had entered Mrs. Greedy's shop again, against my earlier decision. (Back in 2009 she charged me in € the old FIM price of all the old knitting needles I bought from her for charity, which makes it 6 times the correct price, and made me pay for more thimbles than I actually got.) Don't ever go to her shop, and if you do, don't buy anything.

We are approaching the shortest night of the year. Last Thursday night when I had to go in the middle of the night, I saw a funny sight through the round window in our hall. The full moon was shining from a very light blue sky at three in the morning (so it was actually Friday already). For some reason the moon looked a lot bigger than in the picture.

I have made plans for a couple of new quilts waiting in my PIPS box. I found the outer border leftovers from the big Grandmother's Garden quilt, and some sand colour fabric. It is my old safari suit trousers from the time I was young. They will complete the blocks in process.

The second plan includes a chambray all-in-one suit from the early 80's, and some Egyptian scarf halves from Melanie.

These two great black woodpeckers spent a long time on this aspen in our garden. They were playing hide and seek or learning to find food, or then something else. They looked rather small to us so we think they were young ones. It was fun to watch the one on the right shake his head from side to side. Both made quiet noises, maybe they were whispering something about me and my camera. Just when I took a few steps closer to get a better picture of the one on the left, they decided to fly back to the forest where we often hear their calls.


  1. That's $8.50 in our money, expensive for baby yarn. I would expect best quality merino at that price, even then it's expensive. 50gm is 50gm, no matter the length.
    Nice little premmie hats tho, i like the zigzag pattern.

  2. Lovely Woodpecker,always nice bird-pictures from you:-) So sweet, small hats, Great that you knit to the tiny primature-babies.
    June is such a nice month,we all cheerish the long nights!

  3. Well done for getting the woodpeckers at all! Sometimes I think nature is there to drive us crazy with all the moving around the critters do. :-)

    Sorry to hear Mrs Greedy's still at it.

    The hats are so sweet though. I'm sure some new mother is going to be very grateful in a time of worry.

  4. You do a wonderful time knitting for thoose who are in need Ulla.. We all must be careful where we spend our good money! Greedy people are not nice ...

  5. Lovely knitting work, Ulla!
    I can't believe you are already having the longest day. Well, I guess ours is coming fast too, but much shorter than yours. Funny, how a picture can't catch what actually struck you.
    I look forward to your new plans.
    Would have loved to see those woodpeckers playing hide and seek. I think they were whispering about flying away fast, as soon as you had them closer to your lens.

  6. Your preemie caps are so pretty, Ulla! Too bad about the greedy shop owner! I love your round window. I noticed the sky becoming light at about 3:40 am here last night - yes, it is almost time for the very long day! Can't wait to see progress on your new quilts!

  7. How did knitting in public go? I knitted on the train and also sitting at the doctors. Got lots done at the doctors.

    I like the premie beanies. they seem to be welcome all over the world.

  8. Liebe Ulla, nach langer Pause finde ich endlich wieder Zeit zum Bloggen und sehe deine vielen Posts die ich verpasst habe. Du warst ja seeeehr fleissig mit all deinen Mützchen, kleinen und grossen Quilts und Handschuhen. Ich weiss gar nicht bei welchen Posts ich bei dir kommentieren sollte, denn alle Arbeiten sind so schön und wunderbare Geschenke....deshalb schreibe ich einfach beim letzten, nachgelesenen Post. Dann bin ich wieder ganz à jour. Die Idee die Tour de France auf deine Weise zu verfolgen, finde ich originell. Ich hatte dieses Jahr keine Zeit. Wir hatten nach einem Unwetter überschwemmte Kellerräume und brauchten zwei Wochen, bis alles wieder einigermassen trocken war. Leider musste ich sehr vieles fortwerfen, das nicht zu retten war. Ich habe aber ein paar Stoffe wieder gefunden, die ich total vergessen hatte ;-) !! Jetzt ist bei uns endlich der Sommer eingetroffen mit Sonnenschein und hohen Temperaturen (um 30°C). Hoffentlich bleibt es eine Zeit lang so...
    Ich wünsche dir frohe Sommertage und grüsse dich herzlich,


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