Tuesday 11 September 2012

Autumn is a new beginning

September means the beginning of Autumn and (old) school year, new hobbies and courses. This is how high the temperature climbed on Sunday at noon, and it was a sunny day:
9 C, or 48 F if you prefer. It is not warm any longer, and I have worn gloves already. It is time to put away the summer clothes and start wearing comfortable sweaters that mercifully cover most of me. Yesterday I noticed the first maples that had changed colour from green to red and yellow and orange. Autumn leaves are also in these fabrics Stephanie sent me some time ago:

These fabrics I bought in the Spring for  some future project.:

And here are my newest fabrics from a trip to Helsinki a few weeks ago:
Looks like I'm well prepared for different kinds of Autumn projects. Melanie is organising Craft Olympics for anyone interested, and for the first time in my life I'm being called an athlete:

The simple rules of the game are at the end of Melanie's post here. My plans are not all set yet, but I think my five crafts will be
1. Wool appliqué (my almost new craft)
2. Something knitted
3. A quilt
4. Some stitchery
5. Needle-turn appliqué as my new craft
The deadline for all projects is the end of this year, and the projects are as small or big as you like. Sneak peeks are allowed, so you can very well include secret Christmas projects in your list. Melanie has a list of all athletes on her blog. When you have completed a craft just let her know, with a link to your blog post showing the finished project, and get a thimble for your own sidebar. Once you have finished all five crafts, you can show five thimbles like  the Olympic rings. Melanie tells more about the Craft Olympics in this post.
Guess how many jars of apple sauce I cooked this morning? 22. You can't even notice I have picked two buckets full of apples from the lawn. This was the beginning of apple cooking season.


  1. Beautiful selection of autumn fabrics, I love them all!
    I like the sound of your apple sauce, sweet or savory?
    We are not going to have a very good harvest of apples here in UK, of anything really, we had such a bad summer :-(

  2. Lovely fall fabrics! Summer is over here as well, but I don't mind the rain and wind - the colours will be glorious in just a few weeks.

  3. Great fabrics. It's nice to have a list of projects on hand. Something you can look at and work on. Variety is good.

  4. The weather has changed here too, no more of that nasty humidity, at least for this week.
    Pretty fabrics, perfect for fall sewing!

  5. Very nice fabrics, I am looking forward to see what you are going to make.i am not as clever as you are with cooking aples, it delivered a lot to a factory where they make juice.

  6. Oh dear, it's already cold at your place! Until yesterday we had 25C and higher. Night temperatures were even higher than your day temperatures.
    Lovely fabrics. The left fabric on the second picture is my favorite (o:
    I have joined Melanie's Olympics too and we have a same challenge: needle turn appliqué. Not my thing, but I do want to give it a try again.
    How long did it take you to make the apple sauce? Homemade is always the best!

  7. Brrr...I'm sorry to hear your warm weather has ended, Ulla. We were at 45F this morning, but our days are still quite warm. Your house must smell delicious with the apples cooking! Lovely fabrics, all! I can't wait to see what you make in Melanie's challenge!

  8. What a lovely collection of fabrics to use this Autumn. I am back to wooly socks leggings and smocks too.

    Thanks for the shout out about the Craft Olympics.

    I have son collecting apples at the moment. We will take some down to Oxford in a couple of days. I will have to share a pic of the eating apples- they look so pretty.

  9. I'm allergic to so many sweaters so I opt for oversized sweatshirts! I've been having to wear socks now. I love the cooler weather. You have some very beautiful fabrics to keep you busy. Have fun with your Craft Olympics. You applesauce will be tasty throughout the Fall and Winter months.

  10. 9C max is one of our very coldest days, not an Autumn day, i'm amazed by how cold it gets there. But the apples make it all worthwhile, i love home grown apple harvests. Your fabrics will be very useful for your olympics, have fun with them.

  11. I`m an Autumn-girl!Love the change of the weather these days. Nice fabrics you show us,looking forward to seeing your makings. Good luck with your part in the OG :-)

  12. Beautiul fabrics for a beautiful season. Do you already plans for them?


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