Tuesday 2 October 2012

Busy weeks

September is such a short month. I have been busy making apple sauce, 91 jars in all. That ought to be enough for the year, anyway I can't squeeze any more jars on the cellar shelves.
In the evenings - the days are getting shorter every week - I have knitted the last squares for this little blanket and crocheted them together.

Then I have knitted a secret gift which is also my first Craft Olympics project. I'm sorry I can't show more!

I made new curtains for one of the new windows we had installed this Summer.

The trees have started to change their colour, some birches have even dropped their leaves already.

Our garden must look a bit like a witch's garden with so many poisonous toadstools
and berries. Lily of the valley - Convállaria majális - is also poisonous.
The open college sewing group I have attended for many years already was too small to start this Autumn, only three of us wanted to join. We decided to have our own group without any fee, and tomorrow will be our second meeting at Mr. K's conference room. It is a "bring your own sewing machine" night, but I think I will bring my own light box and start preparing for my next Craft Olympics thimble.


  1. Lovely post :-) I love to see the autumn colour, even if it means start of a long winter. Your little blanket is pretty.
    Of course if you have too many jars of apples, you can send me some :-)))

  2. You are clever taking care of all the apples. Love your blanket. We also have autumn colours, but not as much at home as here in Lofoten. Had a great walk this morning under the mountains, lots of lovely colours. Good luck on your Craft Olympics.

  3. Apple crops suffered in the US this year. Looks like you had an amazing abundance. So much work to prepare that many jars of sauce but rewarding as you eat them throughout the year. Beautiful colors of your sneak peek project. How nice some of you ladies are still able to get together.

  4. Apple sauce yumm my Mom used to cook it in the pressure cooker and then put through the hand mulie. Lots of work but wonderful in snowy winter.
    Knitting and autumn colors are also fond memories of coming up to winter.
    Ah so the red mushrooms are from your part of the world but I didn't see the elf who lives under it!LOL
    Enjoy your days.

  5. Our trees are turning color, but just a bit so far. Temperature was 100 again today. (But that isn't so unusual.)
    Homemade applesauce sounds wonderful

  6. That's a lot of applesauce, Ulla! I got a wonderful recipe today for Applesauce tea bread (I'll send it to you). Your curtains are gorgeous as are the trees! I've always found it interesting that there can be so much beauty in many poisonous things!

  7. What a lovely post. Great knitted blanket and I love the colors of your secret project.
    I guess poison can be beautiful. Never knew Lily's of the Valley got red berries. Probable because we always picked the flowers.

  8. What beautiful colours. I wish I could have the red toadstool growing in my garden- so Enid Blyton!

    Lovely colours in your sneak peek. I have added this post to the 1st thimble medal holder's list. :-)

    Your blanket looks so snuggly. Well done.

    Great job on the curtains. I bet the room feels all new now. :-)

  9. Lovely blanket Ulla, very gentle colours. And so much apple sauce, you must have spent hours in the kitchen. Well done. Your window curtains look like the birches, maybe they are? Finally our Lily of the Valley has just poked up out of the ground here, it's the first year since i planted it last Summer.

  10. Mmmh, das gibt wunderbare Gerichte mit allen deinen vielen gefüllten Apfelgläser. Nächste Woche bekomme ich meine Winterration an Aepfeln, die ich jeweils bei einem Bauern hier im Dorf kaufe. Dann wird auch eingemacht, gekocht und gebacken damit. Der Herbst zeigt sich ähnlich wie bei dir. Unsere Birken verlieren Blätter und die Ahornbäume färben sich in leuchtendes orange-rot. Auch ich bin im September nicht gross zum Nähen gekommen. Deine gestrickte Decke wird sehr schön und sicherlich mollig weich und warm.
    Liebe Grüsse, Barbara

  11. Love the colours of the Autumn. That mushroom is great looking! All things with apples are my favorite:-) Happy Olympic!

  12. I bet your applesauce is delicious! I love trees and the colors, and also the toadstool. Knitting is a lovely craft and your blanket looks pretty.

  13. That's a LOT of apple sauce, but it does always surprise me how much of any one thing one consumes. The trees are so pretty, here they are looking lovely too- it does vary from year to year.

    What we call Lily of the Valley is quite different to yours- ours is white and highly scented.


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