Sunday 14 October 2012

Stitching and knitting

This little stitchery is something DD gave me for last Christmas as a kit. It required some new to me stitches such as long and short stitch and satin stitch over large areas, and stem stitch. This will be one of my Craft Olympics projects once it is all finished. I don't know what I will use it for. Any suggestions? The kit included framing instructions, but maybe it could be something more fun. The circle is about 6" in diameter.
We are enjoying the last splashes of colour. Rose bushes by the road
and maples in the village. 
My begonias are learning to swim. It has rained lots and lots lately.
Our aspen about a week ago - today half of the leaves are gone already.
 The rowan tree has only its berries left. They can be gone in one day when a flock of waxwings finds them in the winter.

This weekend I knitted one more blue and one more grey sock from toe to top. I knitted the first blue and grey sock a year ago when I tried to learn this new method. Now I have two pairs of nice socks for some child with feet this size. I have knitted a few pairs of socks this way, and some the usual way but two at a time on a long circular needle, and I like it. It helps me get the heels the same. And I just noticed this will be another project on my PIPS 2012 list!


  1. Nice sox! I went back with the link, and saw the circular needle, and said "No way!". I can see that 2 colors was helpful. So strange though.
    Love the colors in your Autumn. Ours are just starting to color. I just love Fall. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  2. Beautiful Stitchery Ulla !!
    I might have used it for a new pillow or maybe a little wallhanging ;-)) I guess you will find something cute to use it for ...
    Did yo say 91 jars of apple sous, incredible ;-)

  3. Well done Ulla with that sock knitting project, so clever and fast. I love the colours of your Autumn.
    The beautiful bird embroidery would make a lovely cushion to display. cheerio, K.

  4. Exiting way of knitting socks, looks funny.
    I loved to watch the photos with tice colours in your neigbourhood. We still have some more leaves left. Beautiful embroidery, pillow is a good suggestion but it could also be a nice front on a purse.

  5. Beautiful colours! I am enjoying this season -when it isn't raining here.

    I like the socks from the toes up 2 at a time. You can keep going until the wool runs out, so no more guessing just how long you can make the socks and still have enough for the foot.

    What a pretty embroidery. What about making it the centre of a bag or cushion, or a pocket on a coat or cardi?

  6. What a beautiful stitchery! Your satin stitch is perfect. I find that so difficult.
    So, autumn is really there now. The season for warm hand knitted socks!

  7. The gorgeous bird would be so pretty as a pillow or a bag. Your Autumn colors are magnificent. We had lots of wind yesterday and many of the leaves came swirling to the ground. Congratulations on another PiP!!!

  8. I like your little embroidery very much. A center motif for a cushion, with matching fabric for borders?

  9. Your stitchery is beautiful, fine workmanship. I'm waiting for the "golden october", after that the weather changes quite fast and the wonderful colors will be gone.

  10. A post of georgeous color the autumn leaves ,the delicate sticherie and the socks. You have been busy. Life is warming up here we really are at different ends of the earth. Awaiting the first snow.

  11. Your stitchery work is gorgeous, Ulla! I would make it into a little wall hanging or even a pillow. The colors in Finland are so gorgeous! I always look forward to seeing the waxwings - they're so pretty and busy!

  12. What beautiful embroidery. Perhaps you could use it as a central design in a wall quilt. That is, if you didn't want to just frame it.
    I should learn to knit socks. There are some really lovely yarns out there.

  13. Magnificant colours on all the leaves! Love you stitchery bird:-)
    Nice stitching as well as knitting.

  14. Taitava kirjontatyö! Voihan sitä ihastella ensin seinällä ja odottaa että sopiva käyttötarkoitus tulee vastaan.


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