Thursday 17 October 2013

Colours are changing

This year the change of colours in the trees has been more beautiful than in years. Our backyard oak was yellow like this a week ago:

and only three days later the leaves were brown.

The rowan changed early, I just managed to take a photo of the last brilliant reds two weeks ago.

I have been busy catching the Autumn colours in socks for the winter.

This was taken on a sunny day and the yarn colours are more natural here. Three balls of heavy yarn made 4 pairs of socks, and I think I can make yet another baby pair with the rest.

The big ones are a Christmas present, but the little ones are no particular size, just testing different patterns from my books.

I'm sure I can find the right little feet for them too. Therefore I call them my third thimble project in the Special Category.

The aspen on a sunny day were like carrying gold coins and letting them fall on the ground.

The birches had a different shade of yellow.

This morning Mr. K and I were raking leaves for one and a half hours, clearing the driveway and the strip of lawn behind the house. At lunch we looked out of the window and noticed almost no difference to yesterday's view, but those were new leaves from the oak. It is kind of like laundry, or washing dishes: you have just done it, but the basket/sink is half full again before you dried your hands. But some day the trees will be bare, and regardless of whether the leaves are raked or not, the snow will come and cover the ground, hopefully until next Spring. (The laundry and the dishes never end.)


  1. Lovely autumn colors Ulla !!
    We always wait for spring before we do anything with the leaves in our garden :-) Yes I know we are lazy!
    I am of to my mum today and on saturday I will spend with quilting friends sewing!
    I wish you a wonderful autumn weekend!

  2. So true.
    I love walking in leaves and kicking them - listening to the swish, swish.

  3. Imagine the walk through the leaves wearing those socks!! Even more special! Love them!

  4. Lovely socks :) Im sure you'll have no trouble finding takers t the little ones. And thank you for sharing you beautiful pictures. Autumn this year is special - here it's because the first autums storm has not happend yet, so the leaves gets to show of their magificance much longer :)

  5. Love your socks, Ulla, matching the beautiful colours of the Autumn:))

  6. I love the sock arrangements. Whoever receives them will have attractive and toasty toes! Mr. Creations mulches our leaves by mowing over them. No more raking! Your tree photos are beautiful.

  7. Your socks and leaves look so pretty together. Too bad socks don't grown on trees - when they fall, you would have a ready made pair rather than raking up something only to compost it away (wink)!

  8. Sorry to hear about your never-ending leaf sweep. When they are wet they are so slippery so well done for your efforts.

    The socks are fabulous. Perfect colours for Autumn and Winter. I now have this image of you crouched over chasing children with a tape measure to their feet. LOL I might be more sensible tomorrow.


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