Thursday 31 October 2013

New Quilt, New Tunic and Old Books and Bears

Have you seen Stephanie's Long Johns quilt? She remembered her grandfather's long johns on the washline, and made the polka dotty pieces like them, up and down. She also made a Christmas version, very pretty. She gave me the pattern for my senior home quilts, and here is what I came up with:

Long johns on the line are, in this climate and this family with two men and just one me, a very usual sight even today. (So there you see, Mr. Squash, you don't have to be "a woman of a certain age" to have seen that sight.)  The quilt top is made with what forms another substantial part of my laundry, men's old shirts. Old men's shirts, whatever. That's why I named my quilt Laundry Day. Take a look at Supreme Candace's version here. She too added a border, but I made an extra row too. This way the quilt will be big enough to keep any tall grandpa warm and cosy when he is taking a nap. The backing is checkered flannel like the binding. Tomorrow I'll be taking this and the Bee in my Bonnet Row-Along quilt to the nursing home.

This quilt is also my 4th project in the Special Category of the Craft Olympics hosted by Flickenstichlerin. I have been on a new sewing class, just 6 evenings with the theme tunics. I learnt to alter the pattern to my personal measures, and here is the result:

I'm really pleased with it, and the jersey's cheerful grey and greenish colours are just me. This is my 4th project in the New Category of the Craft Olympics.
Last Friday we went to the Helsinki Book Fair, a perfect place to test use my new tunic (can be classified as one of the "cultural ladies robes", you know the roundish ladies between 40 and 80 who go to concerts, theatres, art exhibitions and interesting lectures, wearing figure flattering long tunics/vests/jackets). We concentrated once again on the older books.

This raven has been on every book fair I remember.

This year the teddy bears had a special place at the fair.

I didn't even know there are so many literary teddy bears.

This one I know!

And here's for you, Melanie! (She is going to Rupert's cottage next Spring). Bamse is sharing this shelf with Rupert.

Do you know Rasmus? He comes from Denmark. I have read about him to my children...

... but not as much as about this brave fellow, Uppo-Nalle. He is created in Finland but according to the story he floated here from France.

Some of the teddies were really old.

Some were more famous as toys than from stories in books.

Winnie the Pooh like he originally was and what Walt Disney did to him.

The modern Pooh Corner gang.

We spent a lovely day at the fair and I found a used copy of the new Finnish translation of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, illlustrated by Helen Oxenbury . Perhaps I can finally read the whole story!
Have you a favourite literary teddy bear? Was he on this exhibition? I had a toy teddy bear that my best friend made for me when we were maybe 12 years old, and my childhood literary bear friend was Winnie the Pooh like Uncle Shepard drew him.


  1. You have a terrific sense of humor and I love the old mens' shirts and the cultural ladies' robe. There will be a very cozy tall grandpa this Winter for sure. Laundry Day makes me very happy. What a wonderful display of famous teddy bears.

  2. Wonderful.... I have one in the works too, but I really like your fabrics .

  3. Teddy Bears!! Nothing makes me happier. Favorite literary bears that would have to be Little Bear, I spent many happy hours reading and rereading those books to my son. I love the quilt, it's a terrific pattern, I love the fabrics you've used! It looks warm and cozy.

  4. Thanks for all the photos of bears. I never played with dolls or bears. I have never read Alice in Wonderland. I tried several times but it's the kind of story that just doesn't appeal to me.
    I wonder how many people actually know that Winnie the Pooh was based on a Canadian bear named Winnipeg.

  5. Lovely quilt makings. I hope the elderly feel the warmth and love you put into them. Great practical design from Stephanie.

    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous bears. I too have a soft spot of EH Shepherd's Winnie the Pooh before Disney gave him a red vest.

    Your tunic top is lovely with a good drape. Yes you will be able to join the "cultural ladies club" no problem. :-)

  6. Mr. Squash and I are having a good laugh, Ulla! Your Long Johns quilt is wonderful - I like your border! It's unusual for us to see the "other" Long Johns in dark colors...the American version is usually white! Personally, I prefer Stephanie's dotty verion ;>)
    Wonderful bear collections! I, like you, grew up with a Winnie the Pooh.

  7. How great that you made your own tunic a, Ulla, clever done! Love all the teddy bears:)) beautifull quilt in the wind, nice fabrics and colours.


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