Monday 10 March 2014

March is between Winter and Spring

This morning the sun was up before 7 for the first time. The night had been clear so the temperature dropped just below freezing point and tiny diamonds of ice sparkled on the ground. New snowdrops are showing their buds.
My crafty mood has still been enjoying the warmth of wool yarns. The red train socks are my this month's socks for the babies in Järvenpää, but the two multi coloured pairs (yarn design Kaffe Fasset!) are going to the young couple across the street: their two little boys will be big brothers to new twins at the beginning of the Summer!
I chose the yarn carefully after the new maternity package colours were published some weeks ago. Here you can read about it in English and see this year's contents, fashion and colour choices. This package is highly valued and  all the items are of good quality. At the time when my three babies had their packages, almost everything was made in Finland. Unfortunately the textile industry has moved after cheaper labour  to other countries, but the designs are still of Finnish origin and the quality requirements are strict.
This is a more wintery picture of our great tits and a blue tit on the right, taken at the beginning of March. This morning, when taking pictures of the socks and snowdrops outdoors, I heard the beautiful song of the blackbird for the first time. It is an early sign of Spring too.


  1. How nice to see the snowbells,Ulla!
    I must really plant some for next year. Great socks, the two boys will love the KaffeFasset ones.
    Agree, lovely to see and feel the sun:-)

  2. Isn't it wonderful to see flowers finally peeking through after the long winter. The socks are wonderful and I love the colors. Hugs!!

  3. You are so right about the month of March. We are just now seeing daffodil shoots peeking from the earth. That's a really nice maternity package -- the colors and styles are very modern. Too much is outsourced -- cheaper labor and materials. US quilt fabric companies outsource their fabrics too -- most are printed and manufactured in Asian countries.

  4. How nice to see signs of spring, Ulla! Soon Mr K will be casting in warmer waters and you'll be walking through your pretty woods! Beautiful baby socks - I know I never had anything like that as a baby!

  5. Beautiful socks Ulla. You have a real eye for detail when it comes to deciding how to make something. I am sure the twin's parents will be very pleased. Well done with the happy red socks. The flowering currant is definitely out here now and the cherry tree is in bud. I am really looking forward to Spring.


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