Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The eBook Winner is ...

... Tammy! Congratulations! I will share these flowers with you, and with all the nice people who made the blog book tour with ten stops and ten possibilities to win their own copy of Stephanie's new book Uncommonly Corduroy.
The flowers are from my sister. She came to get the pompom hats for her granddaughters and swapped my purples and yellows for the purple and yellow primroses.
You have heard my complaints of no real Winter this year, just the cold period in January. Last week (one of the last days of February) Mr K. noticed the first snowdrops in bloom in our garden, and I took the picture on March 1st, when we had a sunny moment:

Normally they make their way through snow in mid April, like this in 2012:
This makes the Spring about 6 weeks too early. It doesn't feel like Spring though, just feels like the Winter is having a hard time dying. We have had some snow a few times now, not enough to cover the grass on the lawn, puddles everywhere and dull skies. Luckily the amount of light is increasing rapidly and in about two weeks we all will have the full 12 hours of daylight. After the Spring Equinox we up here will keep getting more and more light and longer days until the Summer Solstice. That is a comforting thought.


  1. Congrats to the winner. Spring to me are when the crocuses come into flower. Once that has happened I know that Spring can't back out of the deal to arrive properly. Like you I am enjoying having more light but wish the sun would shine a bit more. It was officially the wettest Winter on record in the UK.

  2. Congratulations to Tammy! I hope she enjoys her creations. That is a very nice swap between you and your sister. Not a single sign of Spring here. One of our first signs of Spring besides crocuses is the bright yellow buds of the forsythia.

  3. Nice swap hats for fl0owers. I get out of sync when the season's misbehave.
    Perhaps more light will help with the rythm of things.

  4. The tour was lots of fun, Ulla! Congratulations to Tammy who I know is really looking forward to her copy of Stephanie's book. Your primroses are so pretty. They are in stores everywhere here now, but it is still to cold to plant. I think we got your winter!

  5. It has been an odd winter here too, storms and very wet but no real freeze. As a result the whole country is fighting an epidemic of nasty bugs and sickness, over the last three weeks on any given day there have been over one third students absent from school. Getting lighter though, as you say. Enjoy your snowdrops!

  6. You are busy with all the knitting and quilting. Isn't it great to see the seasons change? I came by to visit from Candace's house. She and I are neighbors. I'm a new follower of your blog and will visit often. Thanks for letting us see your world and your work. Please visit us at Prairie Cottage Corner when you have a minute.


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