Thursday, 12 June 2014

Old bags and flowers

Remember the boots with flowers last year?

The same group of people and local enterprises collected old handbags and other bags for this year's project, and the florist shop donated one plant for every special bouquet they sold over the year. Suddenly, there were a thousand plants and hundreds of bags waiting to decorate what they called the ugliest spot of the town, the wire net fence of a sand and grass parking lot in the heart of the town.

Let's have a closer look: 

Some hard to use bags are without flowers just filling gaps.

When I took the photos, the flowers had been here over their first weekend. I couldn't see any damage done to them.

I wouldn't use this idea in our own garden, but here it works.

The flowers will grow a little and bloom all Summer.

The sign tells the names of the shops which will take care of watering the flowers. Our favourite knitting café Lentävä Lapanen, The Flying Mitten, is among them. - Ooh, if you just love their yarn collection, you can look here, it's their new online shop.

One more bag used as a flowerpot:

Last year there was knitted (and crocheted) graffiti in the streets as well, and I felt a little rebellious and started a project alone.
I only had these two flowers, one for the rail and the other for a tree.

I can see them every time I come from the train to town.

This year the garden of Villa Cooper is showing knitted art as a part of the Summer exhibition. I knitted some little flags for a bunting and crocheted some granny triangles too, in grey and in a muted pink.
I promise to take some pictures the next time I go there!
A dear friend had a new granddaughter, just when I was trying out a fun baby hat pattern, Aviatrix by Justine Turner, so I had a perfect little welcome gift for her finished in no time.

Little yarn rests for the flowers, matching the button.



  1. Oh what a fun project in town! The dianthus look beautiful and healthy. Such a fun idea. LOL I like the idea of a thoroughly respectable lady like yourself sneaking out in the dead of night with boot polish on your face and wearing kharki to add a little cheerful knitted graffiti to the area. :-) Well done! The hat is so cute- something to really treasure.

  2. The hat knit up beautifully and I like the little flower and your own addition to yarn bombing (graffiti.) I remember the boots from last year and now, with the handbags, it seems that some people are coming up with some very creative ideas. I love it.

  3. Thanks Ulla sharing flowerpics allround the wordl! Tomorrow we have again Knit in Public Day as we call it "kesäyön neulontaa" - welcome!
    I wrote some words about Salainen Ystävä our website

  4. What a fun idea, purses full of flowers. And I love your roses and baby hat.

  5. I think the potted handbags and rain boots are fun and should certainly make people smile! That is a precious baby hat and the flower is so sweet. I love your rebellious acts of yarn bombing!

  6. Yes, how fun ! Lovely flowers in boots and handbags. Great little baby hat, Ulla :-)

  7. Oh what wonderful whimsy in your town, Ulla! How could this not make anyone smile! I love that you were so stealthy with your knitting....I can just picture you in night vision goggles and dark clothing (wink)!


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