Monday, 9 June 2014

Summer colours

The warm weather doesn't suit me, so I have been lazy and just knitting little dishcloths using the ball ends at home.
 All these patterns are free on the internet,

very simple, these two are just knit and purl stitches,

and this one has a simple pattern of knitting every other stitch from the previous row on the right side. It is fun trying out new patterns, and they make nice little gifts.

The flower shape was a lot easier than it looks:

It has shortened rows and a seam where the top meets the bottom row.

The warmth and rain have made all flowers bloom early.

I filled my big box with annuals again.

Close-up of the left side.

We noticed unlicensed building on the roof  of the Flycatchers' house a few days ago.

Mrs Fieldfare is sitting there, probably hatching already.



  1. Although I am not much of a lover of the hot temperatures of summer, I do like all the colours of the flowers. It brightens one's life. Those are nice dish cloths that you've made and it's nice to see that the birds feel safe enough in your yard to make themselves at home.

  2. Dishcloths are instant gratification. I do love the flower one. We went from Winter to Summer. Ugh! I melt in the Summer. Looks like your bird friends have found perfect shelter.

  3. Love your dish clothes your flowers have beautiful colours,
    Bright and shiny.

  4. What a fun way to use up yarn ends and try new stitches! Your garden is so lovely - such a gorgeous rhododendron and the annuals are so bright and pretty! How funny that a nest was built on top of the birdhouse! Looks like condo living!

  5. The dishcloths are a great way of using up ball ends. I agree- a good way of learning new techniques too. The round cloth is almost too pretty to use. LOL what a cheeky nest builder!

  6. Using what you have to make something is always good. I like small projects for stitch sampling. Your feathered squatter is cute .
    We are still waiting for winter and the flowers are confused blooming really early.


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