Friday 9 January 2015

First Finish of the Year 2015

Happy New Year everyone!
Naturally this doll has its beginning in the old year, babies take their time. He is my 65th Unicef doll, once again for my sister in Germany. She has by now taken care of the vaccinations of the babies of almost a whole village, as each doll is adopted for a fee that buys all the vaccinations for one real child.

As this doll is not for little ones to play with, I could make his shirt with tiny buttons, and the hair is a machine sewn fringe hand sewn on the head, not recommended for children under 3 years either, but looks a lot better than  individual strands of wool yarn sewn directly on the head, like a ryijy rug.

The knitting pattern is one our grandmother used for our mittens, with a new look from the self striping yarn. I used the same yarn for his socks.

We have started a new bird spotting list at the beginning of the year, and already one rare friend is on the list: the Eurasian treecreeper. We have put special special birdhouses for them in the forest but they have not been used yet. Almost every year we notice this little bird climbing up the oak we see through the kitchen window, or in the silver birches in the garden. They don't come to the bird feeder.

My last Christmas flowers. I hope you like the scent of hyacinths!


  1. What a gorgeous boy he is.. That is a great way to raise money for UNICEF.

    Your flower is a pretty colour.

  2. I do love hyacinths. The doll is adorable and I like the unique little touches (hair, vest, socks and shirt) to make him special. A great way to start the year.

  3. A very smart young man. Your skill and generosity are always for good causes. The sunny yellows are beautiful.

  4. Love your boy...especially the vest made like the mittens.
    So exciting to see a rare bird, or even one that is just new-to-you. I saw a grey jay once while on a hike in South Dakota, and they also had Mountain Blue birds near our motel there. It was exhilarating to see new kinds of birds. In California we had a Brown Creeper once in a while... not as pretty as yours. Now that I think about it, I don't think it ever came to the feeder either. It just went up and down the trunk of our Sweet Gum trees.
    I almost got some hyacinth bulbs yesterday... got a little pot of irises instead. It's that time of the year here, to start planting while it's in a rainy mood.
    Love your blog, thanks for sharing.

  5. What a lovely boy doll you've made...his clothes are gorgeous, such lovely details. Such a wonderful thing you do helping to ensure children receive vaccinations.

  6. Todella hieno poika nukke! Olet vaatteet tehnyt niin tarkasti ja slipoveri on upea. Keltainen hyasintti enteilee valoa ja kevättä:)

    Mukavaa vuodenalkua myös sinulle!

  7. What a handsome little boy -- his vest and socks are incredible and he'll no doubt bring great joy to his new adoptive family. Plus providing vaccinations for children I'd say you are the creator of special gifts.

  8. Nice fellow chap at your making Ulla.
    I hope he will have a long life!
    You have done a wonderful job :-)

  9. What a perfect doll, Ulla! Perhaps he looks a bit like a young Mr K? 65 dolls is quite the accomplishment! Your flowers still look as fresh as can be! Looks like you had to click the camera fast to get the little bird!

  10. Yes the smell of hyacinth is wonderful. We can get a concentrated multi purpose cleaner with that smell which makes everything smell of Spring. Such a lovely doll. I wonder what your sister will name him? Ooo I haven't seen a tree creeper since Wales! Well done for getting such a good photo.

  11. Oh yes, I love the smell of hyacinths! My white ones are finally starting to open after 3 weeks (-:


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