Friday 16 January 2015

New quilt, same old shirts

Here is a new project I have started this year. I looked at my endless stash of men's shirts, chose 12 of them from the blue and grey box, just blue ones, and from another box the last bits of the light blue suit shirts from my father. Sorry for the poor quality of my photos, but we still have only six and a half hours of daylight and many cloudy days.

I made HSTs and ironed and cut and ironed and sewed and ironed ... and now I have 8 blocks at this stage:

and the remaining 4 blocks at different stages of sewing and ironing. At least the blue shirt bundles in the box look flatter than the red, brown and green ones. I'm already making plans for a next quilt to use those colours. This must be at least the 5th quilt I have used the same shirts in.

In the evenings I have been knitting burb cloths for a baby, these two using Sugar and Cream cotton from Stephanie, thank you, 

and three will be in this 100 % bamboo yarn from The Flying Mitten:


  1. I've never seen knitted burp cloths.I'm looking forward to seeing the quilt. The bear's paw is a very nice pattern.

  2. Beautiful up cycle of stash shirts into bear paws. It must be such a lovely feeling to see the pile go down little by little. Cute baby burp cloths in such interesting knitted textures. Lots of creativity at your house.

  3. Love the plaids! Manly bears make those kinds of paw prints. Lol. Yours are the nicest burp cloths - usually a receiving blanket is used here. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The yarn you have used in the cloths looks so lovely and soft. What a lovely idea using the shirts...
    Sitting here in the middle of summer it is so strange to think of you having so little daylight. It is extremely hot here at the moment (40 C) ,and no one seems to want to do any crafts...even me! lol

  5. Dear Ulla,
    beautiful work, nice idea with the bear paw pattern and the men's shirts. The pattern and wool for the baby project is so nice.

  6. A great block choice for a quilt made of shirts. . Only quilters seem to have continued celebrating the use of scraps into beauty. I'm sure this will be another happy quilt.

  7. LOVE your banner quilt! I got the book lately. Think I should start one day. Great fabric choice!

  8. Your quilt is going to be beautiful and very striking with the white and blue, Ulla! I wish we had saved all of Mr. Squash's work shirts! I love the colors of the burp cloths, too!


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