Thursday, 5 February 2015

Happy news

We have had a very special week. About a week ago DS1 and his wife had their first baby and we became grandparents. Big smile! I washed and ironed this mini garment I had saved from the young father's wardrobe so the junior can wear it during his first weeks.

He also got the soft burb cloths I knitted

and this mini washcloth from the rest of the yarn. He is ever so sweet and I'm happy to be a Mummo.

One week later DD Kaija had her first book published and her own exhibition opened. If you want to see more, visit her blog here.

She will show more photos there, especially a lovely book chandelier. My daytime photos of it look just dark. If you go back in her blog to December you will see many of the mixed media projects in process. It feels so good to see one's offspring happy and to admire their achievements.

The other weekend we had the Big Garden Birdwatch day and counted 10 species within one hour. The waxwings arrived a few days later, they come from the North and eat all rowan berries before continuing their flight to other gardens and woods. They are beautiful birds but just rare visitors.


  1. What a blessed, wonderful week for the whole family. Congratulations to the new mummo and isoisa or vaari? It's a feeling like nothing else.

  2. Onnittelut tuoreille isovanhemmille!

  3. Oh, what great news! Congratulations being a GrandMother to a baby boy,Ulla! It is almost the best thing in the world :-) Love the tree and the birds!

  4. Wonderful news - congratulations on being a Grandma!! Hugs!

  5. What a wonderful addition to your life. I know it must have been so exciting to see and hold him. Lucky little baby to have a talented Mummo too! :o) Obviously creativity runs in the family with your daughter's lovely exhibition and a book. Congratulations to everyone.

  6. Ulla congratulations on becoming a grandmother. How very exciting for all your family. Also what a wonderful achievement for your daughter having her exhibition. You will be a busy Mummo now making things for the new baby.

  7. Huge congratulations Mummo Ulla! I'm sure it touched the parents' hearts to have some of your son's clothing as well as special things for their newborn. I have congratulated Kaija on her blog. How wonderful for her! The chandelier is awesome- what a vision she had!

    :-) The waxwings sound like a plague of locusts only far more beautiful. I saw a flock of finches on hawthorn berries by the canal - I think it is a hungry time of year for our feathered friends in this snow and frost, especially when they have to use up so much energy in keeping warm. I had a magpie wake me yesterday morning as the water had frozen at the bird table. It was soon replaced. They have me trained.

  8. Dear Ulla,
    you sure had a very good week, congratulations and best wishes to all, weather you are parents or grandparents.

  9. Congratulations all around, Ulla! It must have been magical to hold the offspring of your own! I'm sure you and Mr. K are beaming grandparents. How wonderful that your daughter has published a book! I'll hurry over to her blog to see.

  10. A wonderful start to the new year for everyone. Grand children are very special and as they grow their love strengthens us in return.
    Kaija 's exhibition is a statment of success and recognition of her talent. So many happy time ahead for all of your family.

  11. Ich freue mich mit dir und den Eltern des Babys und wünsche von Herzen alles Gute. Es ist herrlich Grosseltern zu sein. Nächsten Sonntag sind wir es auch bereits seit einem Jahr :-) ! Und du hattest ja spannende Wochen mit Kaijas Ausstellung (auch da herzliche Gratulation) und dem "Bird Watching". Liebe Grüsse, Barbara


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