Saturday 14 February 2015

Old fashioned knitting and other projects

 Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

This is a block for a quilt I'm working on at the moment, and I thought it suits for a hello today.

I have knitted myself a pair of mittens, a very special pair after a pattern The Flying Mitten launched some weeks ago. It is called Aino'S, as the original mittens were knitted and worn by Aino Sibelius (1871-1969), the wife of our famous composer Jean Sibelius (1865-1957). This year is the 150th anniversary of both Sibelius and his friend the painter Pekka Halonen. They both lived here in the Tuusulanjärvi area, so we have a year of cultural events  ahead of us.

I think the cuff is very pretty and yet not tricky to make.

The yarn in 100 % Finnsheep wool. The kit with pattern and yarn will be available in English as well, and for sale at the National Art Museum Ateneum, and at Ainola, the home museum of Sibelius, and naturally at the knitting café.

Young Mister has now this pair of booties. I had to wait for more white yarn just eight little rows before finish!

I found use for some tiny zippers I have bought just because of their bargain price.

This keeps the pencils and colours of a special little girl safe.

And this one is for her little sister

and for her crochet hooks and knitting needles

and the bag with her monogram is for the crochet projects. We made one like this at school ages ago, but mine was green and white.

I think that was all I have been doing for a while.


  1. That is quit a lot. I have been thinking of making Luc and Patric little zippered pouches too for their trains, cars and marbles. The mittens are very pretty and I'm sure the booties will keep your grandson's feet warm.

  2. Aivan ihanat lapaset! Hauskat pussukat:)

    Mukavaa Ystävänpäivän iltaa!

  3. Both mittens are very pretty. The knitted mitten cuff looks longer than standard which I'm assuming is for extra warmth.
    The booties look like shoes and sox. Cute !! All the little pouches are great.
    You have been busy.

  4. Aaah, mittens! Yes, a mitten for a high five is a great greeting, but with a heart on it makes it perfect for today. Love the mittens you knitted. The cuff with the little scallops - oh, yes that is dear, but then there is a second set of scallops! And the ribbing is a different look, too. They are exceptional.
    The booties are so sweet, as well are the zipper bags. Love them!
    Thanks for the inspiration, Ulla. You always do such lovely things.

  5. Dear Ulla,
    you have been busy, such beautiful gifts for the children. Your mittens are gorgeous, very fine knitting.

  6. What a lovely lot of makings. The mittens are very special- an almost lace decorative cuff. I so curious about what they would look like. Brilliant job Ulla. I think they are superb! The mitten block looked so sweet too. I'm glad you managed to finish the booties. The stripes make them special. I think your pencils and craft supplies carriers are perfect for little girls. I like how the mouths are the zips.

  7. Cute teapot block! Your mittens are gorgeous and so appropriate! I've been a Sibelius fan for a very long time. Your grandson's booties are adorable and I just love the little pencil cases. One day he will be old enough to use one :>)


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