Monday, 2 March 2015

A finish and a half, and new plans

Usually weeks go by between my blog posts because I haven't done anything new to show you. This time I have been too busy doing things to even write or take photos! First, I have finished the Bear Paw quilt. Men's shirts once again finding a new life as a quilt.

Second, I have crocheted nearly all squares for my cardigan. I needed to buy more green and purple yarn to finish the 3D flower squares, and the Flying Mitten had to place an order for the green. While I'm waiting, I have thousands (almost) of yarn ends to hide and I can start sewing squares together.

Dear Mr. K saw me kneeling on the floor sandwiching the Bear Paw quilt, and heard my funny noises, and noticed my swollen knees after the job, and he borrowed me his knee pads for the next project.

It was this string quilt from last year. The knee pads were good, kneeling on the safety pins occasionally didn't hurt a bit. For some reason the quilt had remained waiting as a top, but today I'm hand sewing the binding on it, finally. A deadline can work wonders! In just a little over a month my old and new quilts will be displayed at the Villa Cooper,

When the weather gets sunny again, I can get a photo of the finished quilt. And guess what? When I was looking for binding fabric, I found another UFO, from years ago, a red and white quilt with 12 finished blocks and all fabrics for the rest of that lap size quilt. I'm already itching to start cutting the pieces!


  1. I love your new bear Paw quilt !! You are so good to find news life to shirtings. I guess I have a lot to learn..
    Good to have you back Ulla !
    Your husband are very thoughtful :-)

  2. Oh goodness...I'm so excited to see your cardigan. I have lots of ends to weave on my granny stripe blanket in order to finish. Yet, I keep putting the task off. Such a wonderful and cozy bear paw quilt. It's nice to hear from you again. :o) You certainly have been busy!

  3. Well done. Your shoulder operation sounds like it was a success since you've been so busy. I look forward to seeing the red and white quilt.

  4. You've got a sweet hubby. I throw my quilts on the dining room table to be pin basted. I haven't been able to crawl on the floor since 1997. I have used my design wall - only foam core and I need pins to keep it up. That worked when I had a big wall.
    Love your plaids.

  5. How wonderful that you're busy again, Ulla! After not being able to do much for a while, it must feel great! I love the bear paw quilt - it looks so warm and cozy. The flowers are beautiful and I can imagine how gorgeous they will make the cardigan! Aren't the knee pads wonderful? Mr K is a wonderfully observant husband :>)

  6. Dear Ulla,
    wonderful projects, I can understand why you haven't had time to post. So much accomplished, amazing.

  7. Great to see so many beautiful things that you've been doing. Makes me think about how I need to get busy. Hugs!!

  8. Love how your paw quilt turned out! You make the most beautiful shirt quilts!
    And what a sweet husband you have! So thoughtful.


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