Monday, 9 March 2015

Strings finally finished

Here is the quilt I started early last year and and showed in my last post with the safety pins.

Now it is quilted and has a binding in the same blue as the inner border. The backing is a checkered flannel.

Today we had a big step towards Spring: in the morning mist we heard and saw the first whooper swans flying in a large circle above our home, looking for open waters. In the afternoon we saw maybe 20 of them in a flooded field; the lakes are still covered with ice. The first snowdrops have raised their buds through the snow in our flowerbed. Water is running in the rainwater pipes Mr K. installed last Summer, so the yard will soon stop being muddy. In the afternoon the sun was shining from a cloudless sky. I know we may still get lots of new snow, but it can't last too long.


  1. It's nice when we can experience the changing seasons. I think it makes us appreciate them all the more. How big is the quilt?

  2. The soft neutral blocks make such a beautiful combination with the rest! You describe what you see and feel in such a way, that I can feel your experience!

  3. I love scrap quilts and you string fling is a beauty. Glad to hear the swans are on their return. The pair of black swans are nesting in the damn again this year. I have been thinking about yours as I drive to quilting and see them. Enjoy the change of season.

  4. Ooooh, so pretty! The little pops of bright turquoise make it sing! I adore string quilts, thanks for sharing. Ani in USA.

  5. Congratulations on becoming a grandmother! You have been doing well with your finishes too and i love the plaid shirts you've used.

  6. Dear Ulla,
    Very beautiful quilt, congratulations to the finish,
    Greetings Sylvia

  7. Dein Quilt ist echt toll geworden mit all den verschiedenen so gut zueinander passenden Farbtönen. Nun hast du wieder ein paar scraps weniger! Wirst du die Decke für dich behalten? Wir haben hier seit zwei Tagen auch herrliches Frühlingswetter und ich kann schon langsam an Gartenarbeit denken :-) ! Im Moment übe ich das Jerseystoffnähen....Kleinigkeiten für das Grosskind und das im Sommer kommende zweite ! Liebe Frühlingsgrüsse, Barbara

  8. That's a beautiful quilt, Ulla. I like the "flying geese" in it here and there. Pretty colors, too.
    We have some spring here, too. Daffodils and a few grape hyacinth are popping out and there are blossoming trees around town. Temps are in the 60sF and freezing still at night.

  9. A wonderful finish and beauty of a quilt. We are happily enjoying the melting snow, chirping birds, sunshine, and a bit of warmth. No flowers yet but lots of daffodil shoots.


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