Saturday 14 March 2015

Polka Dot quilt top

Yesterday I pieced this top. The red framed blocks had been waiting for inspiration in a box for many years with the white fabric and all those dots and tiny checkered red and whites. I will add a border if there is enough fabric.

There is so little snow left, but now the weather forecast  says there will be more snow and colder weather by the end of next week. I hope the solar eclipse day will be a clear one! I have never really seen a solar eclipse, the previous one in 1990 was so early in the morning on a partly cloudy day that there was no real difference.

The snow around my snowdrops is gone too.

You may remember Kaija's art exhibition in February? Here is my loot, Sch..., , encyclopedia, and Triple equation. I placed them so that I can see them from my usual place on the sofa. I'm proud of her and happy to look at these treasures.


  1. The quilt is so fresh looking. Thanks for showing us your Kaija treasures. Maili has painted or collaged a few for me over the years and they too hang on my walls. I do like snowdrops - and crocuses.

  2. Ihana punainen peitto! Meillä ei vielä kuki lumikellot, täytyy vielä odottaa vähän aikaa!

  3. Love your red and white quilt. And your new wall art is wonderful. Thanks for sharing these with us.

  4. Dear Ulla,
    very nice color combination, looks so happy.

  5. Sometimes we need a reason to complete a project. The red quilt is fresh and clean looking. A real charmer. Kaija's work is inspiring. You did well as parents to nurture such creativity.

  6. Your red, white and dots makes me happy, Ulla! It's a very "fresh" quilt! I am amazed to see you had much snow at all this past winter. I've watched the weather in your area and it seems there have been much warmer temperatures than usual. Your treasures from your daughter are wonderful! Being able to sit and see them every day is like having a small bit of her with you all the time!

  7. Beautiful quilt top, Ulla! Red is not my color, but this one makes me happy!
    We've had some warm spring days here. Something I can get used to very fast.
    Your daughter is very talented!
    Happy rest of the week to you,

  8. Liebe Ulla, ich liebe rot und weiss (nicht nur weil es unsere Nationalfarben sind ;-) !), weil sie fröhlich und lebendig sind. Deshalb gefällt mir dein neuer/alter Quilt sehr. Ich habe auch noch mehrjährige unfertige Projekte in Kisten liegen.... Dir wünsche ich heute einen speziell schönen Tag und alles Liebe und Gute zu deinem Geburtstag! Bleib gesund und munter und erfreue dich weiterhin an unserem schönen Hobby!
    Liebe Grüsse, Barbara


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