Wednesday 29 April 2015

Knitting and Tatting - well, I haven't done anything else lately

That's how it is when you are learning a new skill. Keep starting new little projects, some are finished and some end in the bin because your knots were too tight to be undone. This heart is almost fine, I still have to learn how to hide the last ends of my thread.

While in Germany, I finished the light green bed socks. Our trip was to the same event and same places as in earlier years so I will not bore you with the same photos again. The trip was fine, the fair was excellent and the weather could have been a lot warmer.

They are very comfortable, and I like the longer legs for a change.

Some yarn was left, so I knitted a tiny baby hat. I think I will make some more, and when I have knitted enough, I can take them to a local hospital for their newborns as a gift.

I have started working on a new old quilt, something I cut up years ago and my squared for HST blocks were cut too small so I put it all in a box. Now I'm saving all the blocks I can and cutting the rest to a smaller size. I have material for new larger squares so I think it can be finished almost to the original plan, and then I have all those smaller HSTs for another project.

OK, just one photo from the Fly Fishing Event. The Finnish casting demonstrator Antti Guttorm was wearing his traditional Sami outfit after having seen the Scots in their kilts and the Germans in their leather pants:


  1. What a smart outfit the Finnish casting demonstrator was wearing :-) Love the tatted heart...very clever! And your socks are the prettiest colour :-)

  2. The tatting is lovely. Good on you for persevering. I always like your socks. Casting demonstration looks like something Mr K would enjoy.

  3. Dear Ulla,
    neat heart looks so pretty.
    Fly fishing sounds like a lot of fun especially all dressed up.

  4. I love traditional dress. It has a sense of pride with it, and it's always interesting.
    Your tatting is lovely. My Mom did that for many years. She made snowflakes for the grandkids to use on their Christmas trees.

  5. Your tattng is really getting there! Cute heart! How big/small is it?
    And what a beautiful sock color! I love long socks, because when I sit for a while, the lower parts of my legs get cold LOL.
    Have a creative fun week!

  6. Tatting amazes me and your heart certainly is a pretty little thing. Oh the colors of those socks is spring fresh. I enjoy seeing traditional dress. Looking forward to seeing your new old project.

  7. You really have taken to tatting. It's gorgeous. Those socks looks very comfortable and practical. The yarn is a great colour for baby hats too. It's always a treat to see traditional costumes from any country.


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