Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Quilt Show at the Villa Cooper

There it is, my polka dot peppermint candy quilt with a border and binding.

Kaija brought me the solid red binding fabric on Sunday and helped with the hand sewing at the other end of the quilt. I needed the quilt for my quilt show we were scheduled to put up on Monday.

Welcome to Villa Cooper! On the wall, hanging with the generous help of Mr K. is my pride, the Grandmother's Garden quilt for Kaija. Hand pieced during 1993-2003, hand quilted in 2008.

The show's title says something about many shirts making a quilt, and these quilts have many shirts in common. The Bear Paw is from this year, the Maverick Stars is older, and the 9-patch was made for Anne Marie's challenge in 2011.

On the chair is the String Quilt, on the other chair the polka dots and a light blue Friendship Star quilt from 2008.

This closet is usually reserved for small exhibitions but as my quilts are so big, I was allowed more space. On the double doors are my two quilts that combine embroidery with a quilt, the Raggedy & Friends on the left and Scandinavian Snowball Fun on the right. These quilts go around the door so you can see the other side too. The Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls are a gift from Eileen many years ago. Further on the left is the Granny Square quilt from 2012.

Inside the closet is the tumbler quilt I made for Mr K. in our Summer Stash Challenge in 2008 when my blog was very new, and next to it my own After Work quilt. On the upper shelves are some table runners, place mats and such, and on the walls some bags, almost all of them made with Stephanie's patterns. 

On the little table is a folder with photos of other quilts I have already given away but wanted to show too. Kaija was playing a computer wizard and made everything look good, and edited and printed my photos.

Now you have seen why I have been so busy and finished three quilts this year! Luckily there were also many old quilts I could borrow from their owners.


  1. WOW! What a lovely show of your quilts. Love the bear paw and string. Wish I good climb through the computer screen and come see in person. You have worked very hard with great results. The 9 patch with red sashing also catches my eye.

  2. Thank you so much. What a treat to see all of your work together. I hadn't seen some of those quilts. I am particularly fond of the nine patch that you framed in red (burgundy?) Wonderful work and I'm so glad that you included photos of quilts given away - the ones that couldn't make the show.

  3. The exhibition is marvelous. It is suprising to see a large portion of your work altogether and realise how talented you are.. wonderful to have Kaijia or help and support. Great children. and great Mothers seem to equal gret quilters.

  4. Hieno näyttely ja paljon upeita töitä!

  5. Wow what a great exhibition Ulla! Lovely to see all your wonderful quilts and there are lots of history attached to all of these quilts. I hope you are having fun ;-)

  6. Dear Ulla,
    what a neat way to show your quilts, such wonderful pictures and ofcourse quilts. Thank you for your explanation. Each quilt is so special.

  7. Such a beautiful way to share your quilts and handmade bags with us! I love how you also show the 'old' ones and were able to borrow some from their owners. I recognize quite a few quilts and bags you finished while blogging. And I look forward to see many more! Happy you, happy visitors!

  8. Hello Ulla

    Visiting your blog from Dolores. What a lovely display of quilts so much work involved.

    Happy days.

  9. Ehdinpäs Villa Cooperiin näyttelysi aikaan ja kyllä kannatti. Upeita, isotöisiä luomuksia niin paljon. Harmooniset värit ja sadasosamilliäkin tarkempaa työtä. Oliko se Emo jopa ommeltu tai tikattu käsin? Se säväytti muutenkin eniten. Polka taas oli iloinen väriläiskä. kiitos!

  10. This is fabulous Ulla. I remember many of these quilts as you were making them. How wonderful to see them all together like this. Such a beautiful display.. a great sense of accomplishment!


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