Saturday 6 June 2015

First baby hat goal reached

Do you remember the baby hat challenge I set for myself in May during the Giro d'Italia? I wanted to knit one baby hat for the hospital for each of the 21 stages of the cycling tour I watched with Mr K.

Here are 19 hats, including the top left one I knitted before the race, but not counting one white hat that already went for a tiny baby due soon, and the hat and booties set that I sent to our nephew's son. The next knitting session will be the great Tour de France beginning on 4th of July, also 21 stages and about 3,000 kilometers.

Mr K. has been busy again with his Summer projects. This week he added the wall triangle to this end of our terrace and painted it red. The other end is more difficult so he will rent a lift thingie.

Last night we had a 0 temperature but the garden flowers are used to it, they seem to last longer in this not so warm weather. Today is the day when it is traditionally safe to plant the potatoes and summer flowers. No more night frosts to be expected.


  1. Well done Ulla knitting sew many Hats...
    The terrace is looking great and there are some beautiful summer flowers in your garden...

  2. I always like your garden photos. It's always nice to set a goal and see it reached. Those hats will be very useful.

  3. The hats are wonderful. You will be able to supply the local hospital all by yourself.

    Hope you hve some emergency covers for seedlings. Even here they tell me we have had a couple of hard frosts. We lost a couple of fern fronds.

    Good luck on the next batch of hats.

  4. I admire your goal! And great summer preparations in the garden!

  5. Wonderful goal and sweet little hats. I like the terrace addition. A very handy mister. Bunnies are enjoying my garden -- so far the parsley, tomatillos and zucchini blossoms are the favorites. EEK! Darn rabbits.

  6. Beautiful exact work Mr K good luck with the other side. Well done Ulla with the hat making. They look so cosy.


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