Tuesday 16 June 2015

 Some projects don't want to play with me nicely. This is one of them. I was excited to start it quite a long time ago, one Winter.

I had not much experience with HSTs at the time, so I cut my fabrics exactly like the pattern said. My seam allowances weren't as scant as they ought to have been. Arrgh! Better store such a project away for a long while. Now I have unpicked some seams, cut down several hopelessly too small squares for a smaller project, and cut lots of new more generous squares. I have drawn diagonal lines, sewn diagonal seams and cut 146 medium/dark HSTs and so far 116 dark/light HSTs.

Still a lot of sewing and cutting and trimming to do before I get to the fun part, arranging the squares to blocks.

This year we have had to wait for warm (over 20C/68F) days longer than in 50 years. In Järvenpää, the same organizers as before have planted flowers to cheer up the streets, especially this ugly fence around a parking lot.

In 2013 they used boots and in 2014 handbags as planters. The florist shop sells a special bouquet of flowers all year, and for each sold bouquet they donate one plant for this project. They have donated 1,000 plants again this year!

I really like this year's idea with bicycles that have reached the end of their cycling life, painted all in different shades, with all kinds of baskets and 

even an old barbeque on top of a painted suitcase or a metal bucket look fun.

Another Aviatrix baby hat for a friend to give to the future granddaughter (?) of  her sister. I really like this pattern and I hope it will suit the baby. The flowers can be removed if the baby is a boy.

This is the first year that our rhododendron is in full bloom, at least this one. Maybe it likes this 12C/56F temperature and the strong winds!


  1. My rhododendron died this year. Maili planted in in my front garden and it lasted for several years. I love the ideas that your city has always come up with to beautify an ugly fence. This year is wonderfully colourful with the painted bikes. Good luck with your plaid project. I'm sure that everything will work out in the end.

  2. Ovatko HST:t villakankaisia. Jotenkin niin ihanan pehmeät värit niissä. Väripataan upotetut fillarit näyttävät hienoilta. Ja kukkaset tietenkin ovat ihania.

    1. Vanhoja miesten paitoja, useimmat flanellia mutta joukossa on ohuempiakin. - Kommenteissasi ei näy s-postiosoitettasi, joten täytyy vastata tämän kautta.

  3. Love the bikes! and the sweet cap! Your knitting is gorgeous.
    Congrats on your rhody - that's what they call them here in Washington State. When I was a kid we learned in school that Washington state was the only place they lived. Haha. I've seen them all over.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  4. Good luck with the quilt....love the bikes with the baskets of flowers.
    Cute any hat.

  5. What a happy post with all the flowers. And what a great way to decorate a fence. I especially like the year of the boots.
    I hope you can soon enjoy the fun part of the quilt!
    Have a lovely weekend with more warm sun!

  6. I just love the clever bikes and flowers and happiness it all brings. This is a favorite post each year. :o) I'm glad you've gotten your HSTs sorted out. Those are all such great plaids...shirts no doubt!

  7. Oh gosh - unstitching all those HST's must have kept you quilt busy, Ulla! Looks like you're going to have a very pretty quilt, though! You sure have been busy with the baby goodies - some for your own grandchild as well, I'm sure. What a wonderful idea to spruce up your town! What with the cold weather, it must be so nice to see some sign of warmer times to come!

  8. What a beautiful display! Too often old bikes are thrown into rivers where people think they won't be noticed. This use makes me smile. I would have put hot orange marigolds in the barbecue too. Love the Aviatrix hat! Great design! Congrats on the rhododendron.


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