Monday 27 July 2015

Shadow Plaid quilt top and Tour de Baby Hat 2015

Finally the Shadow Plaid quilt top is finished, with all four borders and extra rows in the centre.

I'm quite pleased how I managed to get the corners right, only one corner needed some adjusting to make the bias squares meet. The next big step will be the layering of this large quilt and quilting it on my machine. I don't know about the Queen and King sizes, but this will cover two beds nicely. It feels good to have the quilt at this stage after maturing the plan for so many years. It wasn't even an UFO really, just some squares cut and some unlucky bias seams sewn.

The Tour de France is over for this year and I can have some free time again ;o). It just happened that I knitted one extra baby hat. This baby boy yarn only needed 64 stitches and about 70 rows so I often started a second hat and didn't keep count on the finished hats every day. The finer yarns I used for the lace patterns needed about 90 stitches.

All Tour hats in a group photo. Now I only need to knit 20 hats in August during the Vuelta which is not so interesting to watch as many of the stages are on big open roads.


  1. I love the creative floral arrangement you used for showing off the hats. Brilliant! The borders on the plaid quilt are just perfect. I hope you're keeping the quilt for yourself. It really is lovely.

  2. Peitto on hyvä. Erityisen ihana sen takia, että siitä ei voi arvata valmistumisvuotta vaan ruutukankaat ovat ajattomia. Vaalean ja tumman kontrasti on juuri kohdallaan. Onnittelut onnistuneesta peitosta.

  3. Kauniit ruutukankaat, hieno peitto!

  4. Lämminhenkinen peitto tulossa. Tykkään värityksestä ja erityisesti kolmioreunuksesta, se näyttää kivalta kauempaakin katsottuna:)

  5. Dear Ulla,
    the plaid quilt top looks fantastic. What a beautiful setting, love your makings, also the baby hats.
    How funny you knit during the bicylce races, I sew and just listen. Only stop and watch when it gets exciting.

  6. Really a wonderful quilt!!! Cozy. Love the last photo of the hats flower. :o)

  7. Such a very beautiful quilt! And look at the flower. Off to the next Tour for you!

  8. Kaunis ruudullinen peitto, hienot värit ja peitosta huokuu mukava kotoinen tunnelma!

  9. The Shadow Plaid quilt top looks lovely! I wish you good success in finishing it. If the quilt is very big, perhaps you should consider having it longarm quilted in Töölön Tilkkupaja! It would certainly speed up the finishing process.


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