Wednesday 19 August 2015

Strawberry season continues

It seems like ages since my last post here, and I felt like I hadn't finished anything after the large quilt top. Then I noticed that I haven't shown you this needle book  I stitched for a dear friend for her birthday this Summer.

The wool strawberry is filled with emery to keep her needles sharp.

Our tiny strawberries give us a handful of ripe berries every day now. We have finally got Summer weather, just the most perfect sunny days with a fresh wind reminding of the Autumn just behind the corner.

On a sunny day about two weeks ago our DD Kaija was married. After the ceremony and lunch we helped to arrange the food on plates and in bowls to be served to the younger guests in the evening. The couple looked so happy! And therefore I'm so happy for them.

My morning glory has grown. The large blue flowers really only open for the morning.

This morning there was a lot of dew on the roses. The nights are getting cold, only about 5C, but I love the daytime 21C more than really hot days.


  1. Congratulations to Kaija. The needle book is very pretty and I like the idea of filling the strawberry with emery. I always like seeing your flora. One one of my walks I saw some morning glories growing in cracks in the sidewalk.

  2. The strawberry needlebook is just too cute, what a neat gift. Congratulations to Kaija.

  3. Congratulations with your daughter's marriage! I wouldn't have mind being a younger guest (o: And ... beautiful strawberry treasures to be treasured!

  4. Wonderful that your daughter and son-in law enjoyed their day.
    The needle case is a lovely thoughtful gift..

  5. I think the gingham and berries are a perfect pair. It's very sweet. A lifetime of happiness for the new couple. Congratulations!


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