Friday, 10 June 2016

Creative designing and some new blocks

This morning Mr K. was packing for a short trip to Sweden, for a casting competition. He asked if I had a piece of fabric I could use for something he had in mind and needed, today. Well, as you know I save all kinds of rest pieces, and had a long and narrow scrap of green fabric I had used to make summer trousers for our youngest, many years ago. Mr K.'s suggestions for this project were quite useless, so I did some thinking and soon the scrap of green fabric had turned into this:

I added the flap because I wanted the contents to be safe.

His casting rods will now be safe and unscratched. He has such faith in my skills in the sewing room and still he is every time so surprised when I can fulfill his wishes, be it a simple pouch for a reel or a tailored fly fishing vest with 19 pockets and ten zippers.

Best of all, he remembered to pack every rod he will need there. 

I have been busy with the sampler blocks this week. The Splendid Sampler button on my right sidebar takes you to the QAL's website, and there you can find all the patterns, 34 by now plus many bonus projects, for free.

This is finally my block number 20, using a piece of the antique cushion cover I showed in my previous post.

I'm working on another stitched block, number 31, but this flower was a quick one:

I use the blanket stitch of my Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 870 Quilt for the applique.
The selvedge block was an easy one, and I could finally use at least some of the selvedges I have been saving ever since I saw the most wonderful dress .

The newest block, Lemonade, was a bit scary. I have only sewn a couple of curved quilt block seams in my life, and didn't like them, and didn't do very well. It was in a class,  for a very ugly cushion cover I never used. I'm taking this quilt-along as a learning process, so I thought I'll keep sewing those two seams until I manage to produce two 2" squares. I have enough of those fabrics. To my great surprise, my first attempts were, after being ironed, quite acceptable. So, here is my Lemonade:


  1. How clever of you to make Mr K a fabulous pouch for his special rods.. Lucky man....
    All your SS blocks look great and you did really well with the Lemonade one.
    I hope to catch up over the weekend...

  2. I knew the long piece of green was for Mr K before I started reading. To stitch pockets so the rods didn't scratch was very clever. I read about the vest. Deffinately designed for a champion. Wish him luck from the daughter of a fly fisher.

    The quilt blocks are looking great. Even the lemon.

  3. Mr. K is a lucky man to have a designing seamstress to fulfill his fishing needs. I remember that vest and thought you could go into business mass producing those. You'd have to hire helpers. :o) So many pretty blocks and Lemonade turned out very pretty.

  4. The lemonade block turned out very well indeed. It's amazing what one can sew when one has a challenge - such as the fishing gear 'bag'.
    I see you're still having fun with those little blocks.

  5. What a lucky man Mr K is! And the vest: splendid.
    It is also fun to see the bag from Stephanie's design!
    I have still not caught up with the blocks. Hope to restart by the end of the week (-:
    I just love how you used the antique cushion for block 20!


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