Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Peppermint Candy

Last week I was getting frustrated, I was working on a quilt that can be finished next year in February at the earliest, and knitting a scarf in fingering weight yarn and a simple lace pattern that still requires my full attention. There was no hope to finish any project in the near future. I looked around in my piles and project boxes, and found six red and white blocks with large polka dots. They were left over last year when I made this quilt for my exhibition at the Villa Cooper.

I had a larger quilt in mind but decided to keep it smaller, perfect for a little girl. All the other fabrics were still stored in that box so it didn't take long before I had cut and pieced a twin quilt for this one. Here it is:

There was enough polka dot fabric left for a border just like in the other quilt, and I will make the backing in the same red flannel, and the binding in the same red. This way the two quilts will be the same size and a perfect pair, if someone needs two quilts for two kids.

We had several days of hard rain and chilly weather, so I knitted another pair of socks in two grays.

The sun is out again, and today it will be up for 19 hours. It doesn't really get dark here at all at this time of the year, but naturally in six months we are paying our price for it. Here is a link to a beautiful diagram with the dawn and dusk times.

The warmth and the sun opened the first of my pink peonies

and the wagtail found a perfect watch point to keep an eye on their babies on the lawn.

Have a nice Solstice day!


  1. Ihana piparminttupeitto! Ihanaa on kesä!!

  2. All kinds of pretty going on at your house. My peonies are just starting to open.

  3. Love that bird and his/her tail. Your red and white quilts are lovely. I do hope the red is colourfast and won't bleed. I once had a peony but it never bloomed. They are so pretty.

  4. Peppermint candy is fun and cheerful. Two color quilts are striking and of course I love the dotty goodness. If I ever learn to knit it'll be because I want a drawer full of amazing socks. LOL! I imagine much time is spent outdoors in the daylight to offset the months you have such darkness. I have trouble sewing indoors with all of the beautiful sunshine we have in my new town. The peonies here are all done for the season. Such a beautiful flower.

  5. Love the red and white quilt and the socks look cosy...
    Nice photos of the flowers and bird..

  6. Ihan karkki on peittosi, siinä on kauniit kankaat, pirteä ja raikas:)

  7. Love the idea of two identical quilts in different sizes. And isnt it great to be able to simply finish something quickly.
    You know I admire your knitting work!
    And nature is so beautiful. My peonies were ruined by the rain. Another chance next year (-:

  8. I love the red & white :-)


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