Saturday, 30 July 2016

Accumulator Seriali Spinoff Series - Needle Keepers and a mystery tool

Last Saturday my daughter Kaija, the original Accumulator, showed her vintage pins and needles here. I don't have a single old package of needles, they have all gone straight to her, but I have quite many old and new needle keepers. So many that I can call it an accumulation, as I have not tried to collect them.

 The first one is a stitched little thing from my mother's side of the family.

On the left is a little pocket, and there are two pieces of felt for different needles.

The two holders at the top are traditional crafted items from Lapland, with an engraved reindeer pulling a Sami man in a sleigh. I would think they are souvenirs, maybe for my Grandmother and her younger sister, my great auntie Saima. Needles are fastened in a little piece of red felt sewn on the leather that goes from the bone ring through the hollow piece of reindeer bone, ending in the twisted loop used to hang the needle keeper on one's belt or on a hook.

The three small ones hold the needles loose inside. The wooden caps are just pushed on, but the tiny bone thing has a twisted on cap. The middle one has a text Gütermann's Nähseide, so it advertises popular sewing threads.

These three are my modern needle books, all from a very dear friend. I'm sorry I have misplaced the pink needlebook Kaija made for me when she was a little schoolgirl.

With the heart needlebook above at the bottom came also this pincushion I couldn't find when I showed you my pincushions here.

Which brings me to the other pincushions missing from that post:

On the left, the red dressmaker's pincushion and the felt flower were my mother's. The small round one with an elastic band is one that Kaija made for me at school. The red and greed one with an edelweiss is from my mother-in-law. The big acorn in felt and the little angel with a back pocket for scissors are by Melanie. I remember how my mother made the felt flower pincushions, I had one of my own as well. They were made for a craft fair to raise money for our school. The Women's Committee did an amazing job as money raisers and provided all kinds of useful things for the school, like a language laboratory which at that time was a rare treat. It took much more than some pincushions to reach their goals.

Finding all the needle things I came across this mysterious tool, two of them in fact:

The shaft is hollow, and there is a hole for some kind of yarn or thread. Any idea about the use?


  1. Hi Ulla,
    Love your needle keepers. So fun to see the tools of the trade.
    I'll bet you have two punch needles. I'll try to find mine and show them on the blog. Mine don't have a handle, but that needle with the large bore hole. I think you thread it from the bottom by sticking a wire down through the needle and catching the thread, yarn or embroidery floss and pulling it back through the needle. I'll bet there is something about it on u-tube. Good Luck with it.

  2. You have accumulated some lovely things. The reindeer and sleigh is a little treasure as are the beautiful needle holders.

  3. You have some beautiful treasured needle keepers and notions..

  4. Hienoja neulan säilytyspaikkoja ja neulatyynyjä.

  5. Your "accumulation" is lovely, Ulla, never give it away! Unless it's for your daughter, she knows what a treasure they are. The last needle in your photos looks like an antique embroidery stitching tool to me.

  6. Hienoja koteloita.
    Voiskohan tuo outotavara liittyä kenkien tekemiseen?

  7. I enjoy all the small sewing acessories. The needle keepers are so nice. There waa. Nothing as pretty at our house while I was growin up.
    I agree needle punch needles.


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