Sunday, 7 August 2016

Half way point of the Splendid QAL

This week has been productive, we are back to normal everyday routines. Mr K. has been picking bilberries, "just a nice evening stroll, max two hours", and as a result of these strolls we now have about 30 liters of those tasty arctic blue berries in the freezer to give us vitamins and good eyesight with our oatmeal every morning until next harvest season. Blue berries, blue hexagons for the Splendid Sampler QAL.

This flower applique was easy. I made the background HSTs from two 4" squares of each fabric instead of cutting four 3½" squares of each and wasting the smaller triangles. 

Foundation piecing, luckily just large pieces of fabric this time.

I found my favourites are normal pieced blocks like this one.

Because I didn't even start one recent block and dumped my paper pieced Balls in the Air after just one quarter of the block, I have been sewing several of the bonus blocks to replace those two and maybe some future blocks.

A fun little hat,

a flower in a pot

and to mark the half way point with 50 blocks published, we are now over the Top of the Hill:

I made my moon over the mountain very realistic, but as we don't really have such high mountains here, I could have called this Moon behind a fir tree, if I had used green fabrics in this quilt. Well, I haven't, so a brown mountain it is. I try to keep to the fabrics I chose last winter for the project. There are browns, blues, yellows, oranges and reds, two blacks with print and a selection of white to grey and beige for backgrounds. All fabrics are from my stash, and this may be my first project where I use new fabrics only, nothing has been recycled.

Naturally, my hands will not be idle when I'm watching TV, so I have knitted a pair of train socks, again. You can read my short version of the history of the socks here. The ribbed long legs make sure the baby doesn't kick his or her socks off. A friend is having a baby in the autumn so I decided to prepare for his arrival. With the rest of the white yarn I made stripes for a pair of peppermint candy socks, and yesterday I started a pair of mittens to go with them.


  1. Hmmm fresh blueberries, now nice....
    Your SS blocks are very pretty....I am two behind again... Sew hard to keep up.
    Always love your beautiful knitted socks...

  2. Your blocks look beautiful, I admire your work! I'm looking for a cooler weather, today is so sticky again. Then I can enjoy knitting again!

  3. Oh, I like your blue hexagons!
    And You have used so nice fabrics for the flowers, I think.


  4. Nice blocks! Yes things are slowly moving into normal rutines here too.. Sadly summer is not here any more :-((

  5. I didn't realize Finland didn't really have mountains. I've never studied the terrain. Moon over the Mountain is a favorite block of mine. It's nice you can substitute blocks you don't like making. I'm not a fan of paper piecing. :o) The mister's fresh picked bilberries are a much better vitamin than those that come in a jar at the pharmacy. I was thinking peppermints as soon as I saw the socks.

  6. Great blocks, as always! And love the idea of those baby socks. Will keep tiny feet nice and warm (-:


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