Sunday 28 August 2016

Farmers' Market, flower fence, and knitting again

This year the (very un-)traditional flower arrangements in Järvenpää were chairs fastened to the ugly fence. You may remember the wellies from 2013,

the bags from 2014,

and the bikes from 2015.

This year they used old, donated chairs. I didn't have a chance to take a photo of the whole fence, but after the chairs were taken down earlier this month, they found new addresses where to stay as long as the flowers are pretty. This one found a new home outside Lentävä Lapanen, the Flying Mitten. One of he owners is active in the movement that makes the flower project possible.

Yesterday a storm was sweeping across the country, leaving 200,000 households without electricity for some time, but we enjoyed a sunny and relatively warm, windy day. The beautiful weather brought thousands of people to the pedestrian area and the park by the lake in Järvenpää where the annual Farmers' Market Maa elää was held.

The market was filled with the autumn's harvest from fields, gardens and forests as well as craft rooms.  Delicious chanterelles:

and lingonberries.

There was an info desk with wild mushroom samples. The ladies from the local equivalent of a Women's Institute (or something like that) were there to help people identify different mushrooms and especially to separate the good ones from the really bad ones.

After this point the street was too crowded for me to get any photos, but there were over 130 tables or stalls. Beautiful flowers, home made cordials and jams, bread, cakes and flour, carrots and potatoes, handmade clothes for dolls as well as children or women, hand woven rugs and many more crafty things.

It has been some time since my last post so a lot of knitting has been going on. A pair of mittens to go with the peppermint candy striped socks, using my grandmother's favourite pattern which makes them thick and warm and yet not stiff.

I had little balls of yarn left from sock knitting so I combined them and  tried my hands on the bubble pattern I used for my grandson's blanket two years ago:

Those bubbles felt a bit too big after all (six rows high) so I reduced their size and used finer yarn and just two colours. Sea-hawthorn berries without the thorns?

This pair will take an evening or two to finish, but every time I finish a pair I feel so happy the pair is finished, both socks or mittens are the same size, have the same number of rows, and I can start a new pair, not just a new sock or mitten and trying to knit it the same way.


  1. Voi, vitsit onpa kivan näköistä saappaat ja laukut! Ihania syksyn satokuvia, niin runsaasti. Kauniita neulomuksia!

  2. I love the thornless berries. :o) Those peppermint mittens are so tasty too. Such creativity with the fence of flowers. I do wonder what they'll come up with next year. Hope all is well.

  3. It looks like a very interesting markt to visit, the ideas for displying the flowers are lovely! I'm really looking for some fresh weather, I miss knitting.

  4. Such lovely creative knitting Ulla. What a clever idea with chairs this year. A chamomile seated one would smell wonderful if you were to use it as a chair still.


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