Saturday 21 January 2017

Dozens of socks and some blocks

The new year has started with knitting projects so I thought I'll show you some progress on that front first. Remember the Blue and White Baby Socks project? Our area is doing very well, about 47% of the socks needed  have been delivered to the local hospital's maternity ward. This lot is among the socks they already received.

These I took to the Lentävä Lapanen, Flying Mitten, on Wednesday, and they had two baskets full again waiting to be collected.

For Christmas I experimented with coloured yarns and my sock variation of the Aino'S mittens. These were all gifts to friends near and far.

This funny pattern was in a magazine, and I just had to buy some of that rainbow yarn to make them exactly like in the magazine, for someone who loves rainbow colours.

The rest of the burgundy yarn was enough for a pair of socks for our grandson, and he will get a pair of mittens too.

Sock front finally dealt with, I can show the little progress I have made with the Splendid Sampler quilt blocks. I have 79 normal blocks now and 8 bonus ones finished.

We had a late breakfast today, and before that I caught the beautiful pink and blue shades in the sky opposite the almost rising sun.


  1. Your Blue and White collection of socks are great and I love all the others you have made for gifts..lovely rainbow pair.....
    Well done with your SS blocks. Haven't touched mine in ages....
    What an amazing photo of your sunrise...

  2. Mikä mahtava määrä sukkia ja kauniita blokkeja! Hieno aamuväri taivaalla.

  3. Do you still need a pattern while knitting socks? You must be THE expert! The tiny ones look so cute and I think I know for which friend the lime green socks were made :) And no guess for the brown ones ...
    Nature is so very pretty when the sun gets a chance to shine in the winter.
    Have a happy and warm weekend!

  4. Oh, and before I forget, the splendid blocks. Amazing, how many you have made and are still making. I know the quilt will look beautiful at the end!

  5. CLots and lots and lots of socks. ALL wonderful gifts and donations. You must be one of the flying mitten'sbest customers.
    The quilt blocks look good and the number you have completed is impressive.
    Thanks for sharing sunrise through the birch trees

  6. You are the Queen of Socks! I know the gifted socks were loved and appreciated. Who wouldn't LOVE handmade socks?? Those rainbow socks are so happy and fun and all of the wee little socks for babies is so generous. Lucky babies! I can't wait to see your Splendid Sampler quilt. I know it'll be amazing. What a spectacular sunrise. That pink again the stark trees and winter white is such a beautiful contrast.


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