Saturday 4 February 2017

February fun and some garment sewing

Believe it or not, I don't just sit and knit socks. Before Christmas I did some creative work and designed a protective garment for a very young artist as a Christmas gift.

I used a little girl's dress pattern but  as this is supposed to be an apron with sleeves, the back covers just the shoulders. The material is PU coated so the little guy will remain dry even when he uses watercolours.

Then I have been working on the Splendids again:

As I was itching to see what the suggested sashings would look like, I tried them on a new block:

And I crabbed some more blocks to see how they work together. It seems that my shadow grey is very close to a solid light blue I have used for the blocks and therefore a darker colour would have looked better.

This is what I bought and cut so this it is going to be.

Naturally I have been knitting too, so ten new pairs of baby socks are ready to be delivered.

My very pale blue 100% wool is almost used up, but no end of the project is in sight:

My sister P who is not a knitter, wanted to participate in this national project and bought four big balls of sock wool in blue and white for me to knit on her behalf. This means about 20 or more pairs of new socks. Luckily the Eurosport channel offers so much snooker, tennis and cycling that I will have a cozy time with Mr. K by my side and a knitting in my hands.


  1. Great little artist apron and the sashing for your SS blocks looks fabulous...
    Cute wee socks and what a lovely idea of your sister to donate wool..

  2. What a great little apron. Your fingers have really been busy with your knitting needles. I love your shadow idea for the sashing. Brilliant.

  3. Lucky little painter to have a clever and creative Grandma. Your blocks are looking great together. How nice of your sister. Have you kept a tally of how many socks you've knitted? :o)

  4. Oh, but I love the light grey to the sashing! It somehow unites the blocks smoothly. How many tiny socks have you knitted until now?

  5. Paint aprons are wonderful for both mothers and happy artists. Yours is just great. Well done with the little sox.
    The sampler blocks are very contemporary in colour range. Sometimes a challenge is good.


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