Saturday 25 February 2017

Snow, socks and Splendids

I like this arrangement.

I have been watching a lot of snooker while knitting these. The socks are, of course, again, for the new babies born this year, blue and white in celebration of our 100 years of independence. If you really want to know, yes, I have been counting and this lot makes my list 45 pairs long. The darker blue is the one from my sister, and I'm going to knit as least all of that yarn for this project.

A friend is going to have a grandchild any day now, so I knitted a tiny hat in the softest merino wool.

Suddenly we had some new snow. There was just plain ice everywhere before this, and pedestrian accidents happened. With the snow, it was the cars' turn.

Anyway, I like the clean look the snow brought, and now with the sun out again, there is so much light. - I bought this green ball at the Christmas market of the Malmgård estate over two months ago, and it is still looking fresh.

The birds have finally come back. Their food supply in the nature must have been fine with so little snow, but now they seem to need our help after all. Here is the first goldfinch in six years visiting us:

Even the bullfinches have been a rare sight, but now they are back, the Mr on the left and Mrs on the right.

Other projects have taken up my time, but I managed to finish three more blocks for the Splendid Sampler:

The pumpkin is one of the bonus blocks.

Fleur de Lei is number 98

and Four Corner Spinwheel is number 99. Now I have one block to pick from the ones I haven't done yet, and the number 100 which I have cut but not pieced yet.


  1. Such sweet socks and all diiferent. 45 happy tiny baby feet. And what a cute hat. It looks very soft!
    Now that is the snow we used to have in Germany. Sometimes I miss it. So serene. And I can hear the sound of walking in it.
    Such beautiful birds in your garden. So happy that the bullfinch is back after so many years.
    Well, and you know what I think of your soon-to-be-100-block-splendid-block blocks! Good luck with the last two. I will miss your updates.

  2. The snow is fresh looking even though I know it is cold. As a girl the winter bird feeder was mounted on the dinning room window. Always a suprise.
    The hat, socks, green ball and the quilt in the making are wonderful results. Good to have something to do in cold weather.

    Soon it will be warm and you can pin the quilt on the porch Mr K made for you

  3. Oh those booties are just sew cute...
    Love the green christmas ball and snow photos.
    nice wee birds at the feeder.
    How good you are keeping up with the SS blocks..

  4. Such lucky babies to have handmade socks. Fresh snow is so pristine and pretty. Birds look beautiful against the white background. I've really enjoyed your sampler blocks.

  5. Ahkera olet ollut ja paljon saanut aikaan! Punatulkku on kaunis lintu.

  6. Adorable little socks, I have never knitted such tiny ones, do you use special needles?
    I wish we had some snow this winter, but here where we live, nothing, it's sad. But the birds come, we always have bird food for them! Your splendid blocks look beautiful, a lot of work and patience.


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