Friday, 3 March 2017

Something else for a change

In 2008, when I had just started my blog, I found this book at a craft fair:

I fell in love with this pattern, it was tailor made for my growing stash of worn out men's shirts.

Later I started looking for light coloured shirts in charity shops, as my suppliers seemed to prefer dark reds, greens and blues. I also bought several shirts in brown shades.

Finally, in the Summer of 2015. I had a top.

It remained that way for a long time, but then my dear friend Suzie showed some quilts she had quilted on her longarm. She was willing to quilt my large quilt! No kneeling down, no pinning. no fighting with a king size quilt on my sewing machine for me.

Suzie did an excellent job:

The quilt is as soft and light as I had hoped, and all I had to do was to add the binding which I did yesterday.

And now my spare room/sewing room has a brand new quilt on the bed.


  1. Congratulations on your finish! It's cozy and I just love the plaids and the fact you used shirts. It looks wonderful on the spare bed. Lucky guests who snuggle under it.

  2. And I meant to say that Suzie did such a nice job quilting. What a talent to have! Oh the aching knees basting...

  3. Great Quilt. It is so nice to complete a long term project. It looks great in the on the bed. Suzie and her quilting machine are magic. Wonderful memories every time you see a shirt and remember who donated to the quilt.

  4. Hauskaa nähdä kokonaan ruutukankainen peitto.

  5. Sew nice to have finally completed your quilt with the help of Susie.. looks fabulous on the bed.

  6. Kaunis peitto! Ruutukankaista tulee kiva ja kotoinen kokonaisuus:)

  7. I thank you for letting me quilt it for you, your trust means a lot to me! and I'm so happy you liked it, too, it's a pleasure to see it on the bed.

  8. Oh, it's great, well done! Very different :-)

  9. Have always loved this quilt! And how wonderfully Suzie has quilted it! I'm in that phase too now, to have my quilts quilted. Look forward to see what you will start now!
    Happy week!


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