Thursday, 16 March 2017

100 finished, one lost and found

Finally the one hundred different blocks for my Splendid Sampler quilt are done. This was a tricky one but I liked the look of it:

This one, Centered, is the number 100.

I placed the blocks approximately in the numerical order and made some changes to avoid big light areas. While doing that. I misplaced the XOXO block. Couldn't find it anywhere, not on the floor, not under the rows already sewn together. Not under my table, or the ironing board. Not in the bin. The next day, no result in my search. Frustrated, I started to arrange a new row for sewing, and there it was, lurking under another block, completely hidden because the other block had the sashings on but the XOXO didn't,

I need to quilt this in two halves, and join them in the end. I hope this will work out. The two halves of my top are now finished, with borders and all.

The binding will be in the same gray as the shadow and the border.

Today Mr K. took me to the big fabric shop the get the batting and backing for this quilt. I only bought one other fabric, and it will be for my next project.

The campaign for blue and white hand knitted socks for every baby born in Finland this year is going well. Many hospitals have received their full estimate of socks needed, and the others are at least at 60 %. This week I took my newest lot of ten pairs to the Flying Mitten:

With the yarn I have left, I think I can knit five more pairs and reach up to 60 pairs.


  1. Oh my, you have been ambitious. Congratulations on completing all 100 blocks. I do like your idea on the sashing. Your hands have not been idle at all - knitting 60 pairs of little socks. Those little babies will be warm indeed.

  2. 100 blocks, amazing! The top turned out beautiful, I admire your work. Your knitting work is also beautiful, your patience and your care will be truly appreciated by the recipients.

  3. 60 pairs! How do you do it, without any pain in your hands, arm, shoulder? I seem to cramp my whole body, while knitting.
    The Sampler Quilt seems to hold you in grip, even after finishing the blocks. Finding one, loosing another. I think it is really testing your patience and perserverance! I gave that up a long long time ago ;)
    The blocks together look so pretty! Good luck with the quilting. How big will the quilt be at the end?
    Happy Friday, happy weekend!

  4. I was thinking what Simone said -- 60 pairs! I'd have aches and pains for sure. You're so generous with your time and I know the campaign will be so thankful. Glad you found your XO block. You achieved a very nice balance of light and dark. I can't believe you quilted this on a domestic machine. Great job!! Such a gorgeous shade of carnations. I can smell their sweet spicy sent. :o)

  5. Wow, this quilt top is amazing! What an accomplishment! I hope I'm able to quilt so beautifully after a few more years of practice.:)

  6. Love you great quilt Ulla and the small socks are so adorable :-) Have fun !


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