Tuesday, 28 March 2017

New quilt top, last socks and this and that

Today I finished this Paper Lanterns quilt top, just ten days after starting it. It has 100 blocks like my previous one, but half of them are just plain solid squares and the others are not too complicated either.

The pattern is Stephanie's Paper Lanterns, and you can buy it here. Her version is smaller and very feminine. I wanted to make bigger blocks and a bigger quilt, so I enlarged the blocks, and I made my lanterns shine in a dark August night. - I think I can manage to quilt this one on my sewing machine.

I used all my "impossible" fabrics, large prints, almost no colour in some, and fuzzy cut some big flowers from an odd shaped leftover piece. Some of the fabrics are from my mother, corner pieces left over when she made a round tablecloth. Some are my own curtain or cushion cover rests, and many come from my sister P. The fabric in the bottom row center is from a summer frock of my dear great auntie Saima. So once again I have sewn memories of the family into my quilt.

The blue and white sock challenge for babies born in Finland this year is doing really well. Of the 56,556 pairs of sock estimated to be needed, 55,706 pairs have been delivered to maternity wards throughout the country. A few hundred pairs are still missing from the big hospitals in the metropolitan area, and it is only March. I used up all my blue and white wool yarns and finished this lot last week:

I took them to the Flying Mitten on Monday, and once again they had a basket full of socks waiting to be collected and delivered. I reached my goal of 60 pairs, and even exceeded it by one pair. This has been a fun challenge, but it is over now and I have gone back to other colours and larger socks.

Little grandson has been busy painting and drawing, and his apron needs to be washed a lot. Therefore I was asked to make another one, and as there was some material left, and the pattern was there, it only took a little while to put this together for him:

It is time to clean the bird houses again for new residents. One house had fallen down in the strong wind, and another one had a big hole after an attack by a woodpecker. Mr K. made six brand new houses, with some variation in the opening diameter so the blue tits can take the smallest ones and others can choose between the larger entrances. Our trees have their birdhouses, so the new ones were placed in the woods around us.

We can see almost all of them from the kitchen window or from the places where we drink our afternoon tea in the garden. Not yet, but when the birds are nesting.


  1. Your lanterns are so beautiful and seem to float against the august sky. I always love your family memory quilts. The fabric choices always work together and make me happy. You have a treasure trove of a stash! Lucky babies and so wonderful of everyone who contributes their time and talent to making socks. Lucky birds to have such caregivers. :o)

  2. Beautiful lanterns in the August night! And such an accomplishment, so many socks having been knit for babies!
    Lucky grandson with such a talented grandmother.
    I love watching birds. They are so incredibly business when the eggs have hatched.
    In this period I always have tuliips in my home. Love the colors of these!

  3. Well done on reaching your target for the baby socks. The lantern quilt is a treat very rich colors and so nice to have memories. Enjoy spring spring and all the flowers and birds.

  4. Well done reaching your goal with the sweet blue and white booties...
    Beautiful Laterns and a great painting apron for your grandson.
    How nice to be able to see the birds making their nests in your birdhouses..
    Gorgeous tulips 🌷

  5. Your Paper Lanterns are beautiful, Ulla! What a wonderful idea to combine all those large prints! Such a worth cause to knit baby socks! Your grandson must be growing very fast. Mr. K is probably the birds best friend after a long winter!

  6. March is over and you've reached your goal already. That's quite a feat. The quilt is wonderful with all the different fabrics in it. Lovely tulips - I need to get fresh ones now. Is that a photo of little Emil and his parents? Did you use a stretch fabric for the aprons cuffs?

  7. The Paper Lanterns looks good, a beautiful pattern from Stephanie! The baby socks are so cute, you've been quite busy! Beautiful tulips, too, I had some just like yours last week.


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