Tuesday 14 February 2017

Almost there

With these four new Splendid Sampler blocks I'm almost there. Five more to go and I have my one hundred blocks. This one is called Gran's button jar:

Here is Sunshine:

First Purse:

and The Early Bird:

I'm trying to pick the easiest of the remaining patterns, and I may need to check the bonus block possibilities too. Without the support of fellow bloggers I might have given up a long time ago.

This morning I tried to catch the almost full moon in the pale pink sky when the sun was just rising. It is there, between the trees, about one third from the right side:

In the opposite direction the colours were much stronger:


  1. I love anything with buttons. Cute blocks. The bird looks like it has very many pieces but it's very "tweet." :o) It's great to have support when working on longer projects. Those sky colors would make a beautiful quilt or afghan palette for a future project. The moon is so subtle in the sky.

  2. Kauniita blokkeja! Ihana valokuva:)

  3. The sunshine block goes well to your sunrise/moon pictures! And the robbin is my absolute favorite. I think of all the blocks you made!
    Nature is SO beautiful if we take the time to actually LOOK! Amazing Beauty!

  4. Oh! So many blocks completed. You have done amazingly well. I like first purse because a girl can never have to much loose change for fabric or wool. Looking forward to seeing your completed quilt top.
    Beautiful photo of pink morning.


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